06 December 2010

Do You Fantasize About Being Thin?

OK.. the evening is quiet for me.. it's just me and my two fur babies.. Chloe and Sophie..
This is a picture of Chloe in her new winter toggle coat.. she is mad at me I think.

So being alone..  I am turning to the blog world and yes.. a bit of fantasy..

I started to think about and visualize what it will be like when I am thin...
Do you do this..\
I mean think about how clothes will fit, and how your sense of self will change when you reach goal.

I am not talking about being conceited or anything like that.. but just trying to imagine.. .
I wonder how my face will look thinner..
or if I  hit goal by the summer, what types of things I will be able to do..

I know that many of you younger girls have hit that goal mark,
I mean we just need to look at Amy W and Catherine..
talk about success stories.. they have done it!!..
and they are working the fashion line..
I am totally thrilled when they post those before and after pictures...with the fashion..

That is the stuff that is motivating and gets me thinking.. hmmm.. when will I  be able to do those types of posts.. I don't mean just progress posts.. but like LOOK WORLD  here I was.. and HERE I am.

Unlike you chickadees.. I am running up the calendar... I am not  a youngster.. I mean there are speed limits on the turnpike with my approaching age (you get my point)... so I need to get this done ASAP.

Hence my new launch to refocus.. and hey why not a little fantasy along the way..

What say you about fantasizing about being thin...


  1. Barb-- sorry I've missed your crisis posts and hope that your husband is feeling on the mend. My heart goes out to you in this time of difficulty but I commend you for trying to focus a bit of energy on YOU as well and be healthy as possible. (It is hard not to turn to food in crises-- so good for you.)
    You don't even need to fantasize, b/c you are getting there to being thin EVERY DAY!
    I gotta check out the detox biz, I have been OUT of it!

  2. I totally fantasize about being thin. Most of the time it's at night right before I go to sleep. I have a few favorite scenarios. One of my favorites is running into the ex-boyfriend who dumped me. Another is wearing a particularly hot outfit and going out with the hubby.

  3. Um, I clean, or a living. Office buildings, city buildings, and what not. So, my point here is, for a minimum of eight hours a day all I have to distract me is my MP3 player and my thoughts. All I do is fantasize about being thin! Reactions of old friends, ex boyfriends (one in particular), graduating next year, the list goes on and on. My H.S. reunion is next year as well. I am not going to be at goal by then, but I would like to be with in 30 or 40 pounds of graduating weight! So, no, you are not alone!

  4. I fantasize constantly! I imagine myself is savvy business suits when I go into work (even though I work in a biz casual environment. LOL). I imagine rock climbing and hiking and doing all those outdoorsy things I used to do all the time. I imagine getting hit on by EVERYONE (but apologizing because I'm married and I'm a one-man gal! LMAO!) I thin it's noraml to do this. Well, maybe not the whole getting hit on piece....

  5. I had a dream the other night where I was wearing one of Catherine's DVF wrap around dresses and strutting down the streets of Chicago (I was on vacation) and I looked fabulous. Will I ever be a sz. 8? I doubt it, but I never thought I'd be a 12 or 14 again either, so anything is possible!

  6. I was banded Aug 24 and am down 40 pounds. I AM STILL WEARING THE SAME FRICKING CLOTHES. True dat, they hang off me, but really. Size 20? come on, they must have been skin tight last year. Sheeesh. I would like to see a size 16 LOL.
    Yes, I dream of being able to wear a wet suit again and go scuba diving.
    Bonnie from Iowa.. gotta get a name since there is another Bonnie posting.

  7. Sad as this is, right now I fantasize about being pregnant. I'll embrace thin later...

  8. I fantasize about being thinner more than not! It's an all day occurence! haha