06 December 2010

Day 3.... I'm on a roll..

I said I'm on a roll .. not eating a roll.

The new personal food challenge has been a good diversion for me (from real life)
In my opinion, if I did not do this I would be grabbing everything under the sun to calm my nerves.

I am definitely dumping water weight.. and I am definetly NOT feeling that oh so bloated feeling anymore..
so these are good side effects...
Tomorrow I go for a (possible) fill)...
I am hoping I get a tweak..
I think it is justified..

Here's the food consumption role...

1. 1 cup of coffee - ff creamer
2. my new favorite .. soupy oatmeal
3. 1 EAS myoplex drink 2 g fat
4. 1/2 cup light n lively fat free cottage cheese
5. 6 almonds which I grabbed when I walked into the door  - stress relief.. (I needed to chew on something) and hey I counted them!
6. chicken noodle soup
7. cup of coffee
8.  1 bottle of water
9.  Fiber one protein bar (yes this was something to chew).

One big noticeable thing is the lower fat content in this more focused food list..  and Jacquie you are right about upping the protein.. that will be my focus for tomorrow

I am still getting that mid day headache thingy... but I also feel I am entitled to that headache.

So my dear Draz and LDSwims are hanging in there with me.. so good luck girls!!!


  1. I am so proud of you Barb....with everything you are going through with Mark, you are still focusing on yourself and that is huge! It would be so easy to just say "fuck it" and eat whatever but you are really staying the course. Good for you!

  2. Hanging in bigtime - I am kicking ass and taking names. I can't control anything in my life EXCEPT what goes in my mouth so I'm hanging on to that! Love you!

  3. Rock on with your bad self, Barb! Don't forget: You're awesome.

  4. Go Barbara, Go Barbara, Go Barbara! You are amazing!!

  5. Fantastic Job Barb! I am on the first day of the 5 day pouch test and I am feeling alot of hunger pains and growling but I got a small .8cc fill today and i am chugging through to get back on track.... *M*