02 December 2010

Do You Think There are Aliens??

Now don't think I have lost it completely .
.but my mind started to wonder about Aliens..
and that I don't think I have ever seen a portrayl of an Alien that was Obese, Overweight, Fat.. whatever..

Why is that??  they always have that freakin huge Head and Bug eyes though..

i mean are there NO fat Aliens in outer space??  have they conquered obesity out there?? Will an Alien please come visit me... I guess now that I am staring at that alien above I wonder if I would rather be fat than have those bug eyes and creepy hands..
I guess its true we are never happy with what we have.. I am starting to like my puffy butt!!


  1. hmmm, really gives you something to ponder! big eyes vs. big butt, yep, I take the butt!

  2. They had a story on the news this morning about discovering critters that were living in arsenic in a lake somewhere. And these critters needed the arsenic as opposed to oxygen like most all of the rest of us. So if things can live in arsenic...can't things live in space on odd elements?

    How can there not be aliens?


    I don't want to look like one of those types of aliens, either. I wonder what they think of us...

  3. Their heads are so big b/c their brains are so large. Their bodies are small because they've figured out ways to subsist without food. I learned this from the little boy in "Signs".

  4. I'm with you, Barbara. I'd much rather have some junk in my trunk than a freakishly large brain. I mean, really.

  5. Too funny. Triggered the memory of Aliens the movie. Scared the crap out of me especially when that thing pushed out of the guys stomach. Can't watch any scary movies. I guess I really think they are true. How could we be the only people in the universe. But they are skinny. Maybe it's that pureed food they always eat in the movies. I'm with Kristin. I like the junk in my trunk. Reminds me I brought two kids into the world. I'll never be America's next Top Model so will have tolive with it. May peace be with you lovely lady.

  6. Hey Babs...I think you've lost it completely!

    Just kidding...let me go read the rest and then let's see what I think...

  7. Nope nope...I stand by what I originally said.

    But...I like crazy people the BEST!

  8. I think we only get to see their thin aliens like they probably only see who we have in magazines - ie; the models. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it - LOLOL

  9. You make me laugh and laugh and laugh...you have a great sense of humor

  10. You're too funny...thanks for the smile.

  11. May they're vulcan like - with those huge heads, they must have huge brains and thus every action must be a logical action. Overeating and allowing oneself to become obese is illogical, as is emotional eating (because they're probably not all that emotional), so there ya go.

    On a side note...I've always thought it very arrogant to think we're the most intelligent life out there. I mean...seriously with all the hicks and rednecks and the fact that nuclear weapons are even still an option...we're just not all that bright.