03 December 2010

YES I AM IN!!!!!!

If you check out Draz's latest post.. you will see that she and Rambo are planning to do a detox diet, sort of along the lines of the pre-band fast that we all went through, along with a sugar withdrawal.

It's been a little over a year since I did that hellish trek... but you know what I remember the most.. the fantastic weight loss I had just prior to being banded.  I know allot of you are anti-liquid diet.. but it has its merits.. this is drastic I know.. but I did it before and I can do it again and here is why....

Well just about everything in my weight loss has been shot to hell lately.
Um.. (with head hung low) are you ready for this.. I have been avoiding the scale...totally freaking out about my personal life... and shoving every freakin thing that looks like it might taste good into my pie hole...
and worst yet (and I really do believe this was the worst thing I could have done)... I did not get on that scale once for that last 10 days... this is coming from someone who would hop on and off the scale like it was a freakin trampoline...  I would pee and jump on the scale,  fart and jump on the scale... do a number 2 and yes.. you get the picture (how much did that one weigh... I will never forget my 3 lb contribution to the sewer authority).

So I will with hanging head.. put it out there.. I now weigh 207... I was down to 192 at my lowest .. and I have freakin eaten my way up ...

Now I have to tell you something.. I blamed this on everything from my new job responsibilities (yes working 12-15 hour days sucks), to my DH's condition, to the Full Moon harvest, Halloween, Thanksgiving and the fact I must have a tumor growing or those freaking Aliens have invaded my body and that's why the scale is up.... but folks.. at the end of the day.. here is the truth.. I have lost my discipline.. completely.

So when I read Draz's email last night about her pondering doing the 2 week no sugar, low to no fat liquid diet.. I gotta say.. that was the stick up my ass that I needed... I need that boost in my confidence to get back on track and get the band working... I am also scheduled for a fill  next Tuesday... that will help.. but believe me.. the band is just a freakin tool.. it is not a miracle cure... you still need to not eat Reese cups or scoop out the center of pumpkin pie or  have 2 glasses of wine ... that sh*t whacks pounds on.. especially.. and let me put emphasis on this... when I completely tossed out the exercise part of what I was doing.

I absolutely need to get my head back into the game.. and quite frankly...this focus will be good for my mental well being.. I must have cortisol running through by veins... cause I feel like my anxiety is running on jet fuel... and I need to refocus... ... and get myself in a good place to better deal with life situations..

Where Draz is starting on the 6th of December.(as she has some weekend plans). I am starting tomorrow morning.. I need to strike while the body and mind are ready to jump (yes I can be very impulsive)..  I have a whole bunch of social and business challenges in front of me the next two weeks.. and I feel if I do not lay this discipline down now.. the scale will just explode..  so the marching orders for me are TAKE CHARGE NOW.

I really thought my band was at its sweet spot.. but that has slipped ... and  I know that my pouch is not dilated cause if it where .. I could eat 100 Reese cups and not just 10.

So please do not be critical of my decision.. I am intending on being successful.. 
I need to do this for me... just need to get these pounds off of my bubble butt...
Have a good weekend...

be well


  1. If you think this will get you back on track, then I'm all for it. Good luck!

  2. Supporting you 100%. But you might add solid protein (fish, chicken) for one of the meals. I think it will be a distraction and also help you deal with all the stuff going on. Something you can control. You need to take care of yourself to be able to take care of others. Let us take care of you. We're here to cheer you on and you will drop the weight. I never thought I could but as we all say, if I can do it so can you. With my last fill, I don't even feel hungry and even when I eat I don't want much. Green Zone-??? Be well.

  3. I completely get it. I'm in, too! I actually have a fill tomorrow, (Saturday morning) so am going to use that as my jump off point. I, like you, need something to get my head back in the game. My stressors aren't nearly what yours are but they are still enough to have me unfocused, undisciplined, even uninterested. But I'm taking charge and turning that all around and I see this as a great way to do that. And it won't hurt to cleanse the liver a smidge...all the tylenol (now)/vicodin (before) I've been taking since Nov 12 needs to get flushed out of my liver.

    You will do great - and I see this much differently than I did pre-op. This is a choice, not a command. And when it was a command, I lost 12 pounds...so I'm thinking now that it's a choice, I'll actually care a little more.

  4. I'm pulling for you Barb...you can do this!!

  5. If its what you need to do to get back on track its the right thing to do, GO Barb!

    (I'm mightily impressed at the 3lb poop!)

  6. back in the game baby!

  7. I'm all for detoxing. Just be smart (which you are so no worries there!)

    Good luck, hun! You got this!

  8. No criticism here! I think a jump-start is a great idea! GOOD LUCK!

  9. I am thinking of joining in as well! I actually had my mind set to do it three days ago, but only made it through breakfast! maybe having you guys do it will help me stick to it......

  10. Hope you got my email...and good luck bright and early tomorrow - you so have this....together...we can do anything right?

  11. I have been back on my pre-op diet for a week now. I have already lost 10 pounds. So good luck! This may be just what you need to get back in the game. I know it's worked for me.

  12. Good for you for shaking it up and getting back on the right track! Think about committing to weighing yourself once (um, but just once, okay? LOL!!) :) a day too. That really helps me keep things in check. When I start fearing the scale, that's when I know it's time to force myself to hop on. Totally psyched for you -- and can't wait to see you back in Onederland. :)

    I hope things get easier on all fronts for you soon.

  13. You can do whatever you set your mind to baby doll.
    Go get em Tiger.

  14. I am so 100% with you Barb! You can do it! Not to worry.

    I think about you often and what you and your family are going through...I will continue to keep you all in my prayers.

  15. Listen, Babs, we all have our moments. Keep in mind you are experiencing life's most stressful event, the illness of a loved one. You're right to get on top of things, but be kind to yourself.

    Jeesh. I looooove Reese's peanut butter cups. I could totally eat 100 of those.