12 December 2010

I love my Vagus Nerve.. do you??

I think I have lost count of how many fills I have had since surgery.. if I were to guess, I would say 7.
During fills 5 and 6, I really felt the restriction and I thought for sure.. I was at the sweet spot or green zone.. and I probably was for a week or two...
And .. the last 3 fills have been somewhat spaced apart by at least 6 to 8 weeks. So I have had time to sort these sensations out.. and try to critically think.. am I in the green zone or not..

But this last fill took me up to 9.5cc... and I really can notice a difference in the sense of restriction.

[I know I have allot going on.. and that very well could enhance the feeling of restriction but before I write off life events as the reason for feeling this restriction let me take you through my reasoning].
Tonight I made stuffed shells (have you ever noticed that cooking frozen stuffed shells is never featured on the FOOD network).

I placed 3 large (or maybe jumbo) shells on my plate.
Um..yeah.. what was I thinking.. I ate almost 1 whole shell... and that was it.
And let me tell you I ate it very very slowly..
whew... had to push that plate away.. (HELLO.. WHO IS THIS PERSON INSIDE OF ME).

Yep 1 shell had me content.. now even with fills 5 and 6 I could have pressed the situation and slurped down those shells.. but not this time.. no no no..

So I would definitely characterize this last fill as a different level of restriction.
Despite my rather small food volumes  I do not feel hungry ..  with this fill I was waiting for hunger to kick in to get a sense of my new level of hunger, but after two days.. I never had the sensation.. this is bizarro weird for me...

This brings me to the relationship between  True restriction and the Vagus Nerve.

When you eat, a whole bunch of information about the taste, texture and sensation of fullness in your stomach or pouch  is sent from the gastrointestinal tract to the brain as an electrical signal via the vagus nerve.  The vagus nerve collects information on the nutrients in the stomach as well as the presence of some of the  hormones that are released into the gut during feeding. The information collected is integrated by the vagus nerve and sent from the gut to the nucleus in the brain stem.  What this means is that the vagus nerve is the 'hard wired' channel for communicated food information to the brain.

So when you are truly feeling restricted.. that vagus nerve is also helping us along.. saying.. um I feel full ... STOP putting food in your pie hole.

So here is food take away for day 9.

3 cups of coffee (it was a stressful morning)
1 yoplait lite yogurt
Almost 1 jumbo stuffed shell (with sauce).
3 Hershey kisses
2 bottles of water.

I am trying to drink more water because my lips are so damn chapped..


  1. Oh this post makes me so hopeful that I'll get a fill on Tuesday and it will help me bust through this plateau.

  2. Hi Barbara...I'm glad that the fill is working out...I can so relate...

  3. This post has just made me confirm my suspisions... I do need a fill :o) Now I just have to wait until 20 Jan to see my doc :(

  4. Is that all you ate for an entire day? If so, please add a protein shake or two. That isn't enough food, my dear.

    Yeah for restriction!

  5. Yay Barb.. !!! Vagus nerve baby.

  6. I'm thinking that it is possible that I may be at my sweet spot after my last fill last monday. I get satisfied with an extremely small amount of food and I am not hungry in-between meals. It is still weird to me that this might be all the food I need all day may be actually be less than what i would eat for one meal in my pre-band life... just spread out a little. Amazing! but thrilling!