10 December 2010

Male Cosmopolitan.. (LOL)..

Alright ladies, we have all at one time in our life picked up the COSMO mag and perused through looking at all of the "secrets" to losing weight, having a great sex life, dumping your partner, how to live on 100 calories a day... on and on..

So lately I have had some time on my hand, hanging around chemo suites.. trying NOT to get in the way (because I am so damn nosy).. I would be annoyed by me if I had to deal with me..

So as I was saying.. hanging around looking at the magazines on the tables and my eye catches "Men's Health".

HA! I thought.. let me go see what burning issues men have these days that they are worried about their health.. well.. EYE OPENER!!
Here is a short list of some of the magazine stories: AND I AM NOT MAKING THESE UP!! my comments are in the ( )
  •  How do I stop urine dribble after I pee? (OMG TMI)
  • Can I wear a hat to a date if I am bald? (NO)
  • My ex is dating a bad guy, Do I step in? (NO)
  • How to pour champagne like a pro. (just pour the stuff)
  • Tap your Testosterone (EGO)
  • Big Arms, Mighty Chest (is it mighty and hairy??)
  • Keep LUST alive!! (really.. you are interested in that!!)
  • Cooking with beer featuring Guinness-braised short ribs (hmm)
  • Brew better coffee (this caught my interest too)
  • The Belly off! club (its called plastic surgery)
  • If my tooth is knocked out and there's no dentist available, can the ER help? (honestly??.. call your mommy)
  • How to wash grapes (wtf.. they need an article for that!!)
So here is my food take for today..

1 cup of coffee (hospital coffee.. which was not bad)
1 EAS protein shake
1 baby bell lite cheese
1 coffee

I am going to have some soup later on...

Oh well. that's it for now from my world!!


  1. The How to Wash Grapes article explains a lot...
    Make sure you are taking care of yourself.

  2. Holy shit - that's funny. Love the "it's called plastic surgery" and what the holy hell is the grape washing about?

  3. that's hilarious.. My husband frequently reads that magazine.. now I know... hmmmm.. take care of yourself Barb!!

  4. Can you throw a few more of those babybel cheeses into a little cooler before you leave in the morning? Those are a good protein snack. Hang in there, girl.

  5. Hi baby doll...thanks for your e-mail.
    I just posted and am doing fine. Will go to your other blog to check for Mark updates.