11 December 2010

For Dinnerland.....

This post is a follow on to Dinnerland's  post today.

Although right now I am a tremendous fan of "Divine Intervention", I usually do make choices in life based on what a bell curve tells me.. call it playing the odds, educated guess.. whatever..

But Dinnerland's post today calls out to the question of successful banding and follow up visits to your doctor and what we are doing here in blog land "PATIENT ACCOUNTABILITY".

Let me repeat...the band alone will not maintain a permanent weight loss (unless of course you are restricted so damn tight that you can neither eat nor drink and die).. then you will have a permanent weight loss (sorry for the morbid humor.. its been a rough week).

The point being is that the farther you remove yourself from the band rules and post operative followup the more likely you will struggle.

Summary of Study results

Since the relative gain in quality of life as experienced by patients tends to be evaluated less with a longer duration of the postoperative interval, the risk of relapse may increase with passage of time

So below I provide you with two additional GEEKY links  with two slightly different perspectives.

First link is a case study of a 52 year old women, the article is rather contemporary (2009) and was written for JAMA (medical journal) by a Harvard Physician.. point to note.. it focuses on bypass vs band and quality of life improvements.

The article discusses the consequences of the 2 most commonly performed bariatric procedures, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, and their effects on weight loss, comorbidities, psychological function, and overall quality of life. Evidence suggests average weight loss at 10 years after surgery of 25% and 13%, respectively.

JAMA article on Gastric Banding - Case Study

This article is a 12 year follow up on WL .. and the likelihood that over time gastric banding patients do put some weight back on.. it happens.. but the % is very low..

Clinical Study - 12 Year Follow Up

Geeky table showing statistical evaluation of sustainability of WL over 12 year period.. yes my friends (the bell curve) says some of us will re gain weight over time..

be well.


  1. great post and "geeky" information. It sure is a process, glad we have each other!

  2. This is really interesting. It looks like the second study of lapband patients showed 50% excess weight loss on average after 12 years.

    Well, I've hit my 50% EWL, I hope there is more for me! I hate to be "average." ;)

  3. Great info! Thanks for sharing!