06 January 2011


Alright.. I have no pictures of sexy calves to share as per Draz's blog..
in fact, my calves right now are pretty gross (that's what no shaving since Dec 3rd will do)..Gross I know.. but honestly since DH turned the universe upside down.. I have been neglectful with the shaving and waxing.. thank God its winter!!.  Just curious if I hold the record out there with going over a full month without using the razor.. Can anyone beat that!!

And Sandy's post on cookies.. made me want to splurge and EAT something.. so I grabbed a bag of chips all fit and content to binge and good grief after chip number 4 I am stuffed.. that sounds soooo stupid but honestly.. I think my pouch holds just about a taste of anything.. (not complaining, but damn sometimes a girl just wants to have a good pig out!!

So.. here I sit 11pm, just home from my daily visit at the hospital.. needing to escape..
By the way we are now at day 22 in this stay (after a previous 12 day stay).. so I am kind of getting tired of smelling like purell, disinfected linens and latex.  Things are proceeding with caution.. but are riddled with nerve racking events.. (enough said).. I really do not have the emotional energy to blog about DH right now.. and I am using this blog as a bit of escapism..

But there is one thing noteworthy... I have come to like the chili at the hospital.. it has 3 different kind of beans and corn in it.. not too spicy, but my band and stomach seem to tolerate it quite well.
My daily diet is rounded out with a whopping large coffee and 1 EAS protein drink...  and that's it..
I know I must sound like a broken record.. but I really can not believe the difference in this last fill.

SPEAKING of Which.. I just got my insurance benefit statement.. my surgeon charged my insurance $250 for my last fill.. luckily my copay is only $10.. but damn... it sure doesn't seem like $250 worth of work..

I am only a few days away from another dreaded birthday..
I have now turned the celebration into a close scrutiny and official count of wrinkles..
I have noticed with the WL things seem a bit loose and I am always slathering on this or that on my neck.. (I have read that the neck and hands are the first to show your age).. so I am always slapping some goop on them at night.. although I am now turning to retinal creams or serums..

Well.. I can always start to save up for some fillers or plastic surgery.. nip, tuck.. all that stuff..
God I hate Birthdays..

be well


  1. Remember, with any cosmetic plastic surgery there can always be risks and complications that can occur related to infection or a reaction to anesthesia. But with precautions by the surgical team, complications are typically minimized or prevented. Make sure you ask all the right questions as to what to expect before and after your surgery.

  2. Glad to see you are escaping a bit and hoping things are going better with your hubs. But since we are focusing on YOU-- I am happy this fill is doing great things for you so keep up the awesome work.
    I feel like I need to do a bit better with watching what I eat since the fill is working for me too-- but at the end of the day, watch out sliders... so I'm working on it!
    xo V

  3. Barbara, you are in my prayers! I think I've gone a month before without shaving, but honestly I have like 5 hairs on each leg, I don't know how that happened. I'm with you on the binge, although, I could eat more than 4 chips, I was very stressed the other day and wanted to just eat, I ended up having a glass and a half of milk for my binge, wow...that's a big change from the days before the band! Hang in there sister, we love you!

  4. Oh Barbara, I've been thinking of you so much. Glad to hear from you; I've also found frustration when I tried to have a good pigout. Which is good, because that's why I got this thing in the first place. But in that moment, I'm never thrilled about it.

    A little nip and tuck never hurt anyone, I say.

  5. And my pig out led to a day of cravings. Probably due to all the sugar and all the insulin which is floating around my system. Gotta keep strong. I will also say that 4 chips could be a splurge-Remember the commercial-Bet you can't eat just one! Which must have meant that there are some people in the world who would be happy with one chip. I am sure they are in an insane asylum, but just saying.

    Hugs and good thoughts being sent your way. And I won't binge anymore if you also stop bingeing on chips :-) Miss you right back but will always be here for you.

  6. So happy to see you here today Barbara! Hugs to you girl!

  7. You likey my calves honey? I'm glad...I hope they made you smile. Not a dreaded birthday - because without another birthday you'd not be in my life...and you in my life is something I need. Prayers are still coming - from me to you - I only wish I could do more.

  8. I have this crazy weirdness with letting the hair on my calves grow. I can't go more than a few days because I feel itchy. This just started a few months ago - hopefully it's not a sign of some strange mental condition coming upon me, but I can't go more than a few days. Of course that's what I focus on because my heart is hurting so much for what you, your husband and family are going through. I just wish I could transport to where you are and give you a big hug, listen to all your hopes and fears and try to make you laugh. Hope you can have some joy on your birthday.