23 January 2011


Good Lord..
Make sure you tell me to "shut UP" if I ever complain about the heat in the summer.

It is 16 freakin degrees out right now (with a wind chill factor to make it feel like 0 ).

I am sucking down hot tea after hot tea..
I must be part reptile.. not even a hot cup warms my hands..
Today I ventured to having a girl scout cookie with my tea..

The name of the cookie is :Thanks-A-Lot
HA.. what a name for a cookie.

Thanks A Lot for  upping my calories
Thanks A Lot for helping my ass stay a bit plumper
Thanks A Lot for infusing carbs into my blood stream, to make me have more than one serving size.

Thanks A Lot for e being a cookie with a serving size of 2, 6 fat grams and 150 calories.

But Most Important,
Thanks A Lot for only being available once a year..and only at the little tables setup by Girl Scouts out front of The Acme..


  1. I love you because you never lose your wit or sense of humor. I wish I could see your hair...I bet is fabulous. I am imagining you with beautifully coiffed hair as you eat those dangerous cookies and drink tea.

  2. I can't wait to hang out with you Babs... but I can wait til the Spring thaw... LOL Stay Warm, *M*

  3. We are never happy with the weather are we :o) And I don't thinks that's what the guides meant when they named the cookies :D

    P.S I just nominated you for the Stylish blogger Award!!

  4. I'm a little behind but wanted to offer my support with what's been going on with the doctors handling your hubby's care. I swear...the medical profession is getting seriously screwed up.

    And not to add insult to injury but your eye solution story made me laugh.

    Girl scout cookies - Oy ve! Trying really hard not to think about it.

  5. Oh I HATE the cold, today on my 4 block walk to work from the parking garage it was -10 ..I order some girl scout cookies too..once a year thank god ;)