22 January 2011

Seriously..I think I want a "New Life"

First my hair DID look great.
But what a frickin' day.

I didn't get to sleep until 3 am this morning.
I set the alarm for 6 am.
Because ... I had to leave by 8 am to get to the salon on time, so I was fairly exhausted when I woke up.
Understandable.. right??

Yeah.. exhausted or stupid.. you pick.
Right at 6 am, I jumped into the shower.. ready for the day.
After a good hot shower.. I went to put my contacts in.. mainly because I can not see Sh*t without them.
I always give them a good cleaning before plopping them into my eyes.
Apparently my eye contact easy rub solution and the eye contact overnight cleaning solution have the same size and color bottle.
So after my shower (butt naked) I grabbed what I thought was the right bottle.. NOT.
Half asleep, I soaked my left contact in some rather caustic solution and plopped it into my eye and then
It was eye burning like a MO FO!!..
My first instinct was to splash water. but it was still burning.. so I went running out the bedroom, across the hall, down the steps, through the foyer, down the back hall into the kitchen, to the refrigerator to grab the bottle of milk and ran over to the sink and literally bathed my eyeball in a milk bath.... until is stopped burning.

So great.. I have one eye that looks like I did crack cocaine for 10 years straight.. or the mother of all cases of a bloody case of pink eye.
Pretty!!, pretty gross..

Ok, Barbara.. compose yourself.. you are still going to get your hair done and make the most of the day.
So I arrive at the salon.. repeating to myself to stay composed, do not let the things in my life totally F up my getaway.. and yep you guessed it..
As I walked into the salon, I was greeted with  a perky... "Oh hi Barb, how is your husband doing.. "
Fast forward please.. I do not want to recant this emotional breakdown... but my stylist was wonderful, calming, and my hair actually looked great... she used a new color line called Organics..and I was thrilled with how I looked and felt....

So get in the car and off to the hospital...

So.. that is why I want a NEW LIFE... can you disagree with me..


  1. Oh God Barbara that is truly and profoundly awful. How do you manage with that - up and down and here and there and everything else. You are a remarkable woman I am sending all the good and healthy and smart-bus-driving vibes I can muster your way. (all the prayers I have as well). Hang in there.

  2. Barbara - I don't really think I can write anything that I haven't already and what I do write seems insignificant. I think you are amazing and I can't imagine the roller coaster of emotions you must go through on a daily basis. My thoughts and prayers are with you everyday.
    Love, Linda

  3. Oh Barbra, how awful. I really really hope that the doctors get their act together soon.

  4. I don't think anyone would disagree with you. You have so much on your plate, I honestly don't think I could deal with it all. You are an incredibly strong woman. Will continue to be praying for you and your family... and the doctors.

  5. I totally get this feeling of being overwhelmed -- by grief and by shitty things happening, even as 'little' as the contact lens stuff.
    I'm so sorry-- I'm wishing you hope and love and peace as a family.

  6. This will be a two part comment. First, about the contacts. I did the same thing years ago and remember trying to pry my eyelid apart in order to get the contact out. But what you visually wrote about and which made me smirk a bit was imagining a naked Barbara streaking through your house to get to the milk. Just a tiny bit funny, IMHO.

    Which brings me to the second part of the comment. You said in your first sentence that your hair DID look great. After reading about the rest of the day, what popped out to me was that Mark opened his eyes. I know he saw you. Fight for as long and as hard as you can. {{{{HUGS}}}}

  7. Now this is just bullsh*t. Everything you are dealing with and having the contact solution mixup too! I've done that before! NO fair.

    But at least you know your hair looks great, and I agree with Sandy - he saw how beautiful you are.

    Here's to a better bus driver. NOW. xoxoxo

  8. Barb, my prayers are with you and with the DR's hoping they get their act together xo

  9. I'm glad that Mark has you in his corner. You are an amazingly strong and vibrant woman. I'm glad your hair was beautiful for Mark. XOXOXOX a zillion times

  10. Barb - I just can't get over what they did to you and your family by just charging ahead and being so wrong about something so incredibly important. In my personal experience, I feel that sometimes doctors don't want to take charge of a complicated case. When there are so many drs involved, they seem to just move to the next person but never fully get vested in a single one person. Sometimes I feel like they don't want the responsibility - to take charge - to claim to be the person in charge that all other specialists must go through. Its as if they want to hand it off to the next specialist or set of specialists. Everyone pointing to the next specialist. Like you said - who is driving the bus!? I am so amazed at your strength - even if you don't feel like you have it - you're an amazing woman who is dealing so gracefully with all that is being pelted at you- pink eye and all!

  11. My heart just aches for you...and I don't know if you can feel it or not but I think of you a lot...all day...sending you strength vibes and love...

  12. My heart and my prayers are with you. You are such a strong woman and I know that God will give you the continued strength you need. Hugs and love going to you, Barbara!

  13. My heart and soul aches for you and your recent struggles. ((((HUGS))))