20 January 2011

Guilty Pleasure

I made an appointment for my hair.
Saturday at 8:30 am.
I love to go to the salon.
I mean who doesn't love that feeling when you walk out feeling good, lookin SEXY.
I even kind of dress up for the salon.. like I was doing a photo shoot for Banana Republic or Ann Taylor.. you know that sophisticated casual look.
Like .. don't hate me because I look so damn good look.
HA.. gotcha..
Yeah.. I don't really walk on clouds..
Most times I am running late, smell like bacon from trying to get the breakfast on the table, and am lucky if I have something that goes together on!!

But I am going to the salon on Saturday..
and I have guilty feelings (as I wont be at the hospital as early on Saturday as I would like to).
I realize I have some really extenuating circumstances in my life.. but here is my question for all of you.

Do you EVER have guilty feelings planning your own personal pampering dates.
Even when my life was semi normal, I always had to stop and think.. should I go for that facial or massage or spa treatment? 
Am I spending my money wisely.]?
I usually don't think like this for mani/pedi's, cause I think of it as a public health thing.. I mean who wants to look at nasty feet.. (sorry.. but I do look at others feet and critique habits, vain I know).

So, yes I am going to get away for a couple of hours on Saturday, and I am going to hope that my stylist doesn't ask me.. "So whats new or what are you doing today" that would just F up my fantasy getaway!!


  1. I can totally relate to what you're saying. I LOVE going to get my hair done, especially since I usually get my curly mop flat ironed. Lately though, I feel really guilty about it because it seems like the money should be going to more important things - like the dentist.
    Hope you're able to go, relax & enjoy the experience. You deserve it! :)

  2. I understand completely. I go to the salon every 6 weeks for cut colour and style. It costs and feel a bit guilty but it makes me feel so good when I walk out of the salon. With my pre op diet and exercising heaps lately - I have come to feel I do deserve it! Its the only time I have where I do get pampered fully (and catch up on the latest mags there ;) ) Enjoy your salon experience - you deserve to be pampered :)


  3. yeah, I have to say I do feel guilty as well. I am also going on saturday, but just for a trim. I LOVE my lady, but dang are they expensive! I am letting my color go until I reach close to my goal, and then I'm doing a whole makeover day, and I will refuse to feel guilty then. I use to go for regular mani/pedi's but it has been a while. My toes still look awesome, as I have my mom do them up for me, but I need to get back at it. It will have to wait until I am better employed though! You enjoy yourself Saturday!

  4. I know how you feel. Unfortunately, your circumstances are much more serious than mine. But, for your sake and your husbands, I think he would want you to take some time for yourself.

  5. I used to feel guilty about such things, but somewhere along the way I learned a happy and fulfilled mama makes everyone else's life happier. I still don't take enough time for myself - for the things that are truly pampering to me but I'm much better about now - and the guilt really isn't there anymore... I sort of feel it's sort of like on an airplane when they tell you to put the mask on yourself before you help young kids... I think I need to take care of myself (and you of yourself) before we can most effectively take care of others.

    I think the first thing you should say when you see your stylist is that you are looking for a fantasy and that you only want to talk about unimportant and happy things - maybe have a quick list of perfect topics ready to go. I hope you have the perfect couple of hours of fantasy on Saturday!

  6. I have canceled many appointments after feeling guilty about spending the money. My husband is always very encouraging but sometimes I just can't get over the feeling that it isn't really "essential". But if anyone deserves to treat themselves kindly it is you! Enjoy, relax, feel good!

  7. Barb, just think how hot you'll look when your husband sees you on Saturday. He can spend the morning resting and when he opens his eyes, what a lovely vision will be by his side.

    Wipe away the guilt and keep taking care of yourself. Hang in there, you continue to be in my prayers.

  8. Yes, I do understand those feelings of guilt but I agree w/ exactly what Kristin said above... I think your husband would want you to feel pampered and would be happy to see you looking great when you come in there.

  9. I don't feel guilty, and neither should you. I used to though, I used to think it made me a beter person if I put my needs last. But now I know, the better I take care of me, the better I can take care of others.

  10. Yes, I feel guilty whenever I do something for myself. Enjoy your treat!

  11. Nope. I don't feel guilty. Sometimes I feel guilty about things I can do myself (like make my own coffee vs. going to starfucks). But I do what I do well so I can pay someone else to do the things I suck at.

    I think sometimes we feel like if we put ourselves last then we will feel better, but it doesn't really work.

    Don't feel guilty! You deserve it!

  12. We have to remember to think of us first every once in a while. And just think how cute you will be visiting dear hubby looking so fine. On one level, he will know.

    With your stylist, just keep up the mystery if the 'What's new' comes up. Make up an amazing story. I get around that by asking what is new first and on and on my stylist goes. She's a cutie so I don't mind. I hear all about her wedding and house hunting and trips. Is a massage also booked?

  13. Have a great guilt free morning.
    I'll be on a plane on my way to a flooring trade show in Vegas. Ed is coming with.
    I'll be back Wednesday afternoon.
    Love ya and still praying daily.

  14. I do feel guilty scheduling stuff for myself. I'm a saver by nature and so I alway feel I have to justify buying something for myself. But I really have learned that doing those things for yourself does so much for your mental outlook and carries over for days! When you doubt you should do it - that's the time you should do it most!! And congrats on the 182!!!! THat's amazing! And know that there is yet another person out there praying for you and your husband. I thought of you randomly the other day, because I was thinking about something very similar I went through with my Dad and was thinking how unless someone has gone through it, they don't really understand what its like. And then I thought of you - and at that very moment I sent your husband a prayer to just catch a small break and make something just a little bit easier that day. I hope it worked!

  15. I def feel guilty at times, but you and I (and especially you with all you are going through) deserve it! Stay strong!

  16. Did it turn out beautiful Barbara? I hope so. I'm glad you are taking care of yourself.