20 January 2011

Hello 180's

The following is just a bunch of babble.. if you have better things to do.. you can move on to the next blog..

Well.. it happened!
It actually happened yesterday, but I wanted to make sure it was not an artifact.
I weighed in at 188.2 today.

Can't say I have seen this number on the scale for some time now.

And as I have said.. it has not been an ideal way to lose the weight.
My diet has been crappy.
I have 1 protein bar and 1 protein shake each day (and some days that doesn't even stay put in my gut).

I do wonder what will happen to my weight (if/when) I start to eat again.
Although I will tell you that what ever is going on with my brain chemicals from stress, it has completely shut down any appetite.
I wonder if the pharma's have actually looked at this particular biological mechanism.
If they could simulate this, they would have a block buster diet drug.
Please understand, I am not promoting this, it is just a sick curiosity that lurks in my mind.

Also, I can only imagine that my pouch has shrunk.
This is evidenced by the fact that a protein bar really challenges the capacity.
I guess my observation is that I really do not need to eat a lot to survive.
I envision the EAS myo plex drinks have good RDA of vitamins and protein, so  just not a hell of a lot of fat grams and probably low cals.

The only physical change I feel from the weight loss is being cold (18.8 pounds since early Dec).
I am freezing my ass off all of the time.

I don't know why I am writing about this.. it is just on my mind and I am not wanting to think or write about anything else.. I usually do not go to sleep until 3 am or so.. I am going to pop around blog land now..


  1. I just want to send you a hug.

    What a rough way to lose weight.

  2. Me too: Total hugs and kisses and love and please know I am thinking of your as things are difficult.
    As for your eating: please don't worry too much about that right now-- but DO make sure you drink as MUCH WATER or teas or other liquids as possible to stay hydrated.
    If you are a Survivor (CBS) fan, you can see that people can survive so many days barely eating anything-- but without water, it is very dangerous and even the show will intervene to be sure that Survivor players get 'fire' so they can get water STAT.

    Anyhow: much love to you and if you ever would like a shoulder to talk to-- call me, I will send you my cell phone and we can chat. xooxoxox

  3. Barbara, I'm sorry that things are rough right now. You are in my constant prayers. I truly care about you. Big Hugs!

  4. glad you are losing, but do take care of yourself. always nice to see your posts and comments...

  5. Gosh, I think about you and your husband all of the time. I will pray for you both and hope for the best. XOXOXO Congrats on the 180's!

  6. Thinking of you. Another weird bio thought. My mom had a brain tumor when she was 17. At that age, her family called her "Tiny" because she wasn't so tiny. After surgery, she lost 60 lbs in 6 months and NEVER gained it back. I wonder what they messed around with up there when they took that tumor out??? Please take care.

  7. Glad you're in the 180s. Go buy yourself a North Face down vest - they're awesome for staying warm. Thinking of you and sending love. xoxo

  8. Congrats on the 180's!!! Oh and just so you know, you're so not alone when it comes to being cold. I live here in centra florida and it seems like I am always freezing now, evenwhen it is in the 50's and 60's. I guess that fat I had was a REALLY good insulator!!! Just do what i do, get some warm, fuzzy pj's and sweatshirts to relax and "chill" out in! :) Congrats again on the losses!

  9. I am scared of what it is going to be like for me next winter. I have always been a "freeze baby" as my husband puts it. And that was at my biggest! I can't imagine being any more cold! congrats on the weight loss, even if it isn't the ideal way to get it. I will continue to pray for your family! (((hugs)))

  10. I am always cold now, too. I turn the heater on in the car now when last "winter" I did not. It drives my hubby batty until I put my hands on him. Then he shuts up. I was always cold even at my heaviest, too, but not like this...

    I am glad you hit the 180's but hate that you are getting there in the way that you are. You and your husband and your family are all in my thoughts and prayers all the time.

  11. Apparently fat keeps you warm. Who knew?

    Feel better!

  12. WOO HOO! I'm dying to be in the 180s!

  13. Love that number. Glad you got there and negative nelly--you will stay there. One night I was so cold, I turned up the heat to 74, put on my flannel nighgown, flannel pants, a pair of fluffy socks, under 3 blankets and then had to pull out another heater to warm me more. At that moment I was praying for a hot flash but it didn't come. It took hours to warm up. Never figured it out other than losing all that belly fat. It will be warmer soon.

  14. You know - this has occurred to me too. When I suffer a depression relapse - one of my first clues is lack of appetite. Nothing looks or sounds or tastes good and seriously - weight comes of fast. Never mind that I'm dying on the inside....but still...like you said - someone should bottle this - minus the stress and depression part.

  15. I'm so sorry you are having to lose it this way...But that is a lovely number. Welcome to the 180s!

    I've been getting cold too, especially the past couple days when I lost a few pounds. Strange.

    Praying for you and your DH.

  16. Congrats on the 180s! Thinking of you and your red sox fan! And I am so cold, I have to double up my socks :( this winter.

  17. I've been flirting with the 180s this week with being overfilled - I'm not sure whether it's really there or not, but it's definitely a nice number to see. That you are seeing it now for the reasons you are is awful. I continue to pray for your husband and you each day. I pray for some sunshine in your life (and not just for the added warmth).