16 January 2011

Chilly today.. Hot Tamale Tomorrow!!

Well, my 189.9 didn't show this morning.. I am going to blame it on my chicken orzo soup and the sodium..

I am not phased.. it will come when it is good and ready.

The one thing I do notice now is that I get cold really really easy...
I am losing my nice fluffy insulation....
So I find myself dressing in layers and drinking lots of hot liquids.
Tis the season (sigh).

Speaking of which.. around this time of year, I try to start to focus myself on February 1st..Ground Hog Day (and that damn critter) and hope and pray that Spring comes early.

If there are 2 months that I want to pass as quickly as possible, they are February and March.
I clench onto the cliches of March goes out like a Lion and April comes in like a Lamb.
My childhood has filled my mind with these visions.

I do not intend to offend anyone by speaking so disparagingly about the first three months of the year
But.. its just that they tend to be snowy, windy, wet and make me cranky.. Maybe its just a seasonal disorder thing..(I do have one of those lamps).

And then, all of a sudden, the days get a bit longer and the temps start to warm, and it hits me over the head.. Spring Fever!!

Already the stores are showing spring fashions, and beckon us to get ready to start to show our shapes and some skin.

So it does start make one think.
We may all be Chilly Today... but by Spring
We will all have Hot Tamales!!


  1. I hear you on not feeing the love for Feb and Mar. Even here in FL they kinda suck!

    You'll see those 180's any minute Barb, not to worry!

  2. I'm so cold too. We've had some relatively warm weather, but more cold is coming.

    Spring comes early in the Pacific NW. Daffodills are shooting up already and will be in bloom in a couple of weeks. Even though it will probably rain for the next six months, we'll get beautiful sunny days here and there. Usually they're cold days, but I just need the sun!

    I hope you make it through. God knew this was a hard time of year for me and blessed me with a February baby 10 years ago.

  3. I now go to bed with my sweater and my husband reminds me that it is not lingerie! I guess we lost our layer...ILL TAKE IT!

  4. Oh honey - spring fever all you want....I'm with you!

  5. I can't wait for a hot tamale- I am over winter already! Great job with the weightloss!

  6. Living in AZ, I can't really relate to this but when I used to live in OH, ugh! I hated Feb and March! So sick of the cold and gray! I feel ya!