15 January 2011


So tonight when I got home from the hospital, I have been wondering just exactly where I am with my weight.. to be honest.. I have not jumped on the scale in a couple of weeks..

One 03 DEC I weighed 207.. tonight I saw 190.3

Now if I calculate this just right, between two pee's during the night and a productive BM, I should be in the 180's by morning.

That would be a net loss of about 18 pounds.
I do not advocate how I loss this weight (basically not being able to eat), but damn, it does feel good to see the 180's on my doorstep.

I am completely running out of pants to wear.. everything is a " baggy fit in my ass" look.

But when I look at myself buck naked or is it butt naked... (I am never sure).. it ain't pretty.
I am very lumpy.. I am hoping this smooths out.. or else I am going to spray tan all of my lumps and bumps.

So there you have it.. new territory for me with the scale.
And at some point, I am going to need to go out and get me some new black pants..


  1. That is great progress Barbara...Thank you for sharing. Get yourself some great black pants!!!

  2. That is awesome! Sorry you had to lose it the way you did. I love having to buy new clothes!

  3. Really pleased for you, sorry for the reasons that it happened though. Happy shopping.

  4. Well Done!!! Not the ideal circumstances but something positive did come out of it, and you get to go shopping :)

  5. Why does the doctor and mother in me want to come cook for you so badly? Please take care of you! A little retail therapy does sound good!

  6. I'm sorry it had to be weight loss like this... YES: please try to take a little while to go shopping and get yourself some clothes that feel good and fit.

  7. I've been checking out the lumps and bumps too (on me!). And PS keeps coming to mind. Not sure if I would ever have the guts to go through with that or just learn to live with Spanx. The baggy bum pants are the funniest. I have an entire pile waiting to be chucked. I am sure this morning you will be welcoming in the 80's. Sounds so retro.

    Also, it is both buck/butt naked. (OK, I googled it).

  8. Holy crapola sweetie! Congrats.

  9. Congrat on your weight loss. You definitely deserve a shopping trip.

  10. Horrible cause, but great loss. I hope you get the opportunity soon to go get yourself a couple of new pairs of pants.

  11. 180 something this week...I feel it.