15 January 2011

The Soul and Being Soulful

Are you soulful?
I am.
I crave the feeling.
When I am in my soulful state I am calm, grounded and safe.

Many things put me in this state.
connection to deep embracing  music.
A squeeze of the hand.
Gazing across a field of flowers and just looking at nature in action.

So what does this have to do with the band?
As I said, a soulful state allows you to feel and be.
Where I am right now (in my life and with my band), all of the focus and fret of emotional eating has come off the table (literally).
What I am saying is that I now know that worrying about what to eat has been completely resolved.
I really can only eat certain foods, and this limits my choices (soups, chili, mushies).. that's it.. so if its not in that physical state, I know i cant eat it.. and that's OK with me.
I realize this might not be OK for many with the band, but actually having less choices makes it easier for me to make a choice (does that make sense).

So having the eating part of my life resolved, allows me to NOT fret about food, or losing weight, or those types of decisions... and allows me to re focus on my mind and soul.

I am trying to mentally put myself in a place where I am OK.
I am not depressed, but I am feeling alot of emotions.
And historically feeling emotions have triggered uncontrolled eating.
The emotion need not be sad, in fact, in many cases, I can eat out of control just as easy when I am happy.
I just lose track of what I have eaten, define it as a lost cause, and tomorrow will be another day..

This just doesn't happen anymore.. cant make those food choices.. and I am OK with that.

Oh boy, I am a bit all over with this post this morning..
So back to soulful stuff... I found this website on some one's blog (forgive me I cant remember who).
But it features jewelry that I find to be soulful... and just wanted to share it with you.. be well my friends.

Cinnamon Sticks

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