07 February 2011

I got a problem

Ok.. you know my situation (don;t need to go there).

BUT.. here is my problem.. I think my pouch has shriveled up.. shut down.

My last fill was Dec.7th.. which gave me great restriction.

I tried to eat stuff that is semi solid or solid.. but it ain't happening.

I get it down and (tap tap tap).. thar she blows.. so I am sticking to liquids, and soft foods, but even then I can not take in much volume.

The thing is .. for a few weeks after my fill I could eat solids by chewing well and stuff.

And then sh*t happened, I stopped eating and...

I think that because I went for so long living on coffee and soft food (very little volume maybe a total of 4 oz of soft food for the day).. that my pouch just shrunk .. and now I feel like I cant get it to expand again.

I am not liking the idea of an unfill, cause I know that I could eat volume before.
Right now even if I have a mushie its about 1 or 2 tablespoons.. and whoa.. that's it.

But here is the kicker.. I feel like oh well.. that's the way its going to have to be.. but being somewhat intelligent about this.. I know that I am not getting protein in other than shakes.. So I am thinking that might not be a good thing... especially if my hair starts to fall out and I think that has started to happen. damn it.

Can anyone relate to this.. I got enough crap to worry about besides being bulimic or in starvation mode. Crap I dont want to wind up on a poster for bandsters gone bad..honestly I feel like I am losing weight way too fast.. dropped another 3 lbs..


  1. Sorry, hon. I can't give you any advice because nothing like what you describe has happened to me. I'm sure all the stress and emotion have your stomach and band in an uproar.

  2. Hi Barb, I know my stomach shrinks a bit when I eat too little, could you try to stay on a schedule and gradually introduce more foods and gradually introduce textures? Have you talked to your WLS practice? Hope you feel better soon. Keep us posted.

  3. I know that stress makes me tighter, and you are under enormous amounts of stress. If you are getting enough calories with shakes, getting the protein in that way and keeping fluids down then I would say give it a week or so and see how you are doing. If you aren't and aren't getting calories and are feeling weak then go and get a little unfill. There is time to lose more weight, take care of you. Best, J

  4. Your body is going through a highly emotional time... please make sure to drink as many protein shakes as you can but try some greek yogurt or eggs... and you will work your pouch back up to it's normal size. i doubt that your hair would start falling out this fast for lack of protein but the stress and worry could have played a part in you feeling like your hair is thinning, and imagination may help with that too. Just keep taking care of yourself and things will fall into place with your band... Go though the motions if you have to until you can get back on track. Think of it as your most important job... Be well.

  5. Both stress and PB's will tighten things down...and it can become a vicious cycle very quickly. If you baby things for a day and can't eat at least mushies (in the right volume of protein) then it's time for a small unfill (please get in before the weekend if it's not better by then). At least make sure you're not getting dehydrated (which will also tighten your band). You need no new worries right now, so take care of yourself! ((hugs))

  6. Looks like I'm in the minority here but I say talk to to your doctor and see if an unfill is in order. You're under enough stress, you don't need to be worried about making sure you're eating enough on top of all of it. Being too tight can lead to some serious problems...please take care of yourself.

  7. The minute you cant get fluids down, run to your doctor! I would still get a little taken out now before it gets worse. Please, take it from someone who last had a fill in Oct and who suddenly got tight in January and ultimately had a complete! unfill on 1/15 and is going for an Endoscopy today and hopefully getting her fill back (please, dear God, let this happen!).

    Don't wait too long like I did Barb...it is so not worth it!

  8. Can't add to what all the wise people have said, I think that a tiny unfill would be a good idea too.
    Nice to see you around.

  9. Stress is a major factor in tightness for me and the stress you've been under is huge. That along with not eating I'm sure are the culprits. However, I think that you will be much better able to handle the stress and emotional toll on you if you have proper nutrition. I would definitely talk to your doctor and entertain a slight unfill. Your physical and emotional health should be at the very top of your to do list right now. Big hugs and still lots of prayers!!!!!

  10. I echo exactly what Tessierose just said. I'm sure it did shrink - just like a stomach does when you don't eat for a while - and just like a stomach can and will expand again when you start eating, I'm sure your pouch could expand too. That said - spending time and energy and pushing that little pouch to open up enough to get in what you need to get in doesn't sound like a great idea at the moment. I would recommend getting a bit of an unfill so that you're better able to get in enough protein and nutrients without having to worry about it. You can always reevaluate your fill level in a month or so if need be.

    Hang in there. We're all thinking of you and your family and sending hugs and prayers every day.

  11. I think you need a little unfill. Stress wreaks havoc, and you are in the thick of the most stressful thing anyone can experience. Call your doctor, and get some nutrition into yourself. You need to eat what your body needs to get through this. xoxo

  12. That happened to me, I went to doc and he said to wait a bit...I ate less, lost lots and I can finally I can eat!I think its how you feel that will help you make the decision! Wish I could be of more help!


  13. I am going to agree with those saying get an unfill. You have so much on your mind right now and so much else to deal with, you don't need to be worried about whether you can eat and drinking nutrients is an absolute last resort. When things calm down a fill might be in order, but for now, day to day is more important.

    Love and hugs!!!

  14. I would guess it is the stress. I think an un-fill is a good plan. You will feel better if you can get enough nutrition. Grief is debilitating enough without adding lethargy from not getting enough to eat.

  15. echoing talking to your doctor and that stress (and all the other emotions you are experiencing) are not friends of the band...a small unfill might help and get the band back on the...ahem...bandwagon lol


  16. I know that many people have said this, but I agree about the stress. It tightens me up fast. I also agree with the people who say to get an unfill. Make another appt for a fill a week or two later so you'll have it in the books and can fill her up again. Biggest concern is the nutrients you're not getting. Love you Barb.

  17. Agreed, stress is a doozy on the old band. And you have had plenty!
    Ask for the teensiest unfill?

  18. Listen to these woman...I have nothing more to add because I too agree with the small unfill advice.
    Good luck doll.

  19. All I can say now is 'Ditto" there are some very smart women here and we all seem to be in agreeance that a smallunfill may be in your future, just for a little while :o)

  20. So many smart women! And I agre with them, a small unfill will allow you to make sure you don't make yourself ill, and you can get a fill later.

  21. Yep to all of the above: most important is to get liquids, can you get water down?
    If so: that is most important and not a severe emergency where you must get an unfill right away... but you cannot let yourself get dehydrated.
    Try valerian tea-- it is both soothing and it has a bit of natural sedative which can sometimes calm your esophagus tea.
    But don't go it alone-- see your doc, and I think Jenny said it best: go once, see if you need/ get an unfill and then make a 1 or 2 week follow up so you know you're going back and can change the change.
    This is clearly the most stressful experience imaginable for you, so it is not surprising that your band is seizing up.
    But I can't picture that you're going to be able to cope well (I know it is hard anyway) if you have no hydration or nutrition.
    Please take care of my Barb.
    xo DL

  22. I just recently got an unfill due to having stuck pains all the time with every bite I ate. I wasn't as bad as you sound because I could eat solids, it just hurt to do so. My unfill made the biggest difference and I am so much better now and so grateful to be able to eat normally again. I think you should think about getting a tiny unfill. It could make the world of difference especially since you are so stressed out.