28 February 2011

Plump Up

As I pursue my journey to lose lbs..
I can't help but gaze into the mirror and say

My god how I have aged over the last few months.
The old girl looks like she needs an overhaul.

I mean all of me.
Some things are sagging
Some things just hang

The hair could use a protein and shine boost.
and the lips.. well I think they could use some plumping.

Come to think of it so could the girls use some inflation and lifting.
Hey, while I am thinking of it maybe just a nip here, tuck there around the pooch.

Might as well get some botox across those brows
And perhaps just some filler around the eyes

Nails are looking like hell.. tips would be good.

Maybe just a laser blast on those spider veins and
why not do some lipo on those arms.

You know.. the hell with it!!

Screw it..
 I  am perfect the way I am..


  1. Agreed - you are perfect my dear.

  2. Barbara, the way you are is great! I love your posts, I love your thoughts!

  3. You bet you are! This is a cute post!

  4. That's the spirit. I feel the same way when I look in the mirror. I need so much work from head to toe I figure I would never have the money to complete it. I guess I will just age gracefully.

  5. You are perfect, but maybe a facial could perk you up mentally and physically. You deserve some TLC.

  6. I feel more tough on myself and my looks these days too... My George had me near delusional about how I looked before but my eyes are open now.

  7. You're beautiful, just the way you are. Not many 20 somethings can say their mother is one hot mama - but I can! xoxo

  8. Yes you are and don't ever forget it. Us women need to be reminded of that more often - just how perfect we are xx

  9. I love this post! And you're right - you are perfect the way you are! :)

  10. PERFECT!
    Great post sunshine!

  11. LOL! You ARE perfect. But if a mani-pedi would make you feel better - then DO it.