05 March 2011

I need to MOTIVATE Myself


I really think if I can convince myself that exercising would do me some good.. I could get into a routine.

The problem is this:  I am losing weight without exercising, so whats the motivation.

Maybe to tighten up my ass and thighs.. yeah.. but who is going to be seeing those parts.
So.. once again.. whats the motivation.


I am still at this eat or don't eat, who cares stage.
A bag of peanut M&M's seems to be my friend..but even that is not as tempting as it would have been.

I decided to make an appointment to get my hair summerized.  Color, Highlights, the whole nine yards.
I am going to squeeze a facial in there some where.
And just for sh%ts and giggles, I am going to get a wax, and hope to God that my wrinkly skin doesn't send that poor Asian girl screaming for the hills..

So there.. that is my whole exciting life to date.
Still losing weight,
Untoned skin,
Some spots a bit hairy
and in need of a dash of blonde.

This concludes the update on me.
Have a good night.


  1. I love your new profile picture!

  2. I agree with wallflower..loving the new pic. Sounds like good plans to me! I am trying to demotivate on the exercising mode too!!

  3. Wow! If that is your new hair cut and color, I love it! I know the exercise will release endorphins and just make you feel good. Maybe just try walking for 30 minutes a day to start.

  4. I love the new pic Barb! I also agree with Vickie...exercise will do you good mentally and everything else will follow. Start slow but start! Now you have me craving peanut M&M's, thanks a lot!

  5. I love your haircut so much, I think I'm going to show it to my stylist. I'm tryin to figure out what short cut would work for me and your is just fab!
    I look forward to your thoughts on the wax. It is something I keep thinking I want to try, but I'm too chicken.

  6. I love the new pic too...your hair is very sporty and sophisticated...And I'm glad you are pampering yourself!

  7. You sounds like you're getting into a routine already... somewhat. I am trying to motivate myself too... and i am starting with a personal trainer on tuesday. You have to dive into the deeps of hell to get back out again... or something kinda like that. I can't wait to see you next month when I come home... Who says you can't go home again?

  8. hiking has really helped my "head". I still have the same pain but I would have it laying around or sitting so I figured why not move my ass. The added surprise is dropping 5 lbs in 10 days when it had taken me six months to lose the 5 prior.

    You look beautiful!

  9. I love your hair too, have an appointment for a hair cut next week, not sure I could make that cut look as good as you do though!

    Maybe introducing a little exercise would be a good thing, a walk or maybe a yoga class?

  10. Love the summer do. You are doing just fine--every day, breathing in and out and getting through what is such a hard time.
    I continue to be here, thinking about you lots-- and looking forward to seeing you in person on the 20th, you'll be there right???

  11. You look really good. I'm a big fan of exercise for health and endorphins. It really can give you a little lift. xoxo

  12. Honestly, it would be hard for me to exercise if I was losing weight without it. But there are a lot of good points above on why you should.

  13. I love your new pic :o) I try to do the exercise for fun and for fitness. It helps if you are enjoying what you are doing and that can be hardest thing when it comes to exercise.

    Have fun with it :o)

  14. Adorable comes to mind upon seeing your new pic.
    You know how long I held out on the whole exercise thing but I can't tell you what it has done for my state of mind over the past 6 weeks...not to mention dropping a full clothing size.

  15. Very sassy profile pic! I'm still too self conscious for the waxing...kudos to you!

  16. hahahaha! Exercise because stopping feels so good!