07 March 2011

Keepin it Real

OK... I got thinking tonight.. (cause I got me lots of time to think).
And here is the question for you all..

What kind of things can you do with your body that you couldn't do before WLS.

Now before this goes down hill quick.. let me share with you my thoughts.

1. I can shave my legs with out squishing my gut fat and basically cutting off my breath.

2. I can pull up pantyhose with out fear of them not fitting over my ass or hanging low in the crotch

3. Although I have some nasty hanging skin on my upper arms, I find I can put a sweater on and then my jacket on without looking like the Michelan Tire man.

4. My feet are not as wide. And I feel a little bit better in heels.

5. I don;t know if I am imagining this.. but I think my ear lobes are smaller too.

6. My face looks more in proportion with my shoulders.. meaning my head doesnt look like  a tomato on top of my shoulders.  And I have a neck now.. where did that come from..

So.. I think you get the idea here..
so share yours if you are of the same mind..

and hugs out to all of you... (wink)


  1. 1. Shaving is no longer an Olympic event for me.

    2. I can wear fitted clothing to the gym and not feel ashamed.

    3. I can take the 5 flights of stairs at work with my boss without being winded.

    4. I can walk into any departmen store and try on a size I know will fit.

    5. Sex is infintely better (You know I HAD to go there!)

    love to you, Barbara!!!

  2. Shaving is now so much easier that I discovered I was growing a whole crop of long, thick, black hair on the back of my legs!

    Aren't you glad you asked?

  3. I don't feel like everybody is staring at me when I work out in the gym and can definitely do a lot more now that I've lost weight.

  4. You know... now that you mentioned it, I just pulled on my pantihose on the cruise and they fit without the lowrider or the forced girdle holding them in place... The girdle I tugged and struggled with was the same one from my wedding... 15 1/2 years ago, and although it wasn't as easy to get on, It fit! But since my loose fat was unprepared for such a device of torture... and was pinched... and pulled like silly puddy. So I only wore it for a hour or two... but my dress didn't look so bad without it so I guess it's still s NSV.

  5. Agree about shaving and pantyhose, though I hate hose!!!

  6. Just say no to hose. Though I'll ditto the hose things on tights which I love in the winter. Ditto the shaving thing too. I can run up the stairs when I forget something up there. I can play outside with my kids - whatever they're doing. I can comfortably cross my legs and my top leg isn't in danger of bumping into the person next to me. Oddly when I clasp my hands together, linking my fingers they feel kind of bony - I really like that. I enjoy having a waste and definition above my butt. I have an hour glass shape and the ins and outs of that shape are visible again and I can accentuate the positives fairly easily.

  7. ear lobes????? for real??????

  8. Sometimes when I sit on hard chairs they start to get uncomfortable - because apparently there are BONES in my butt - who knew?!!!

  9. Well, first, I have to go measure my earlobes. I noticed today that my legs don't scrape each other as I walk, so that's nice. I fit in my chair at the Mavs game last night better than ever before. And I can Jazzercise with the best of them! All good things. :) Glad to hear your list as I'm looking forward to some of those things!

  10. I can shave, tie and buckle my shoes without passing out. The seat belt bothers my collar bone. My face is so much smaller and I actually have a neck. My thighs don't rub together anymore. I can cross my legs very easily. I am not self conscious at the gym anymore.

  11. I value not having muffin top scars at the end of the day from tight binding clothes...I also value being able to wear pants that don't have elastic...Thank you lap band...Your analogy about no longer having a tomato on your shoulders made me roll on the floor...You lost weight but your sense of humor is intact...I love this post...

  12. Your shaving thing reminds me of the day I realized I could actually see "everything" when I was shaving, lol. :)

  13. Hmmm...I am going to go back before I was preggers...cuz a lot of the things that were easier/better are back at sucking royally.

    1. Shaving! Easier...AND I was able to shave my thighs without slicing and dicing.

    2. I could fit into a size 16...and a large/xtra large top...which is a real size...not a size in a plus size store! :)

    3. I could see my girlie parts when trimming...without having to lift and pull at the lower gut.

    4.Sitting in an airplane...and SLEEPING.

    5. Smaller shoes! :) Went down to an 8. =)

    6. Victoria's Secret. That is all. \

    7. Being able to work out without wanting to DIE.

  14. 1. Crossing my legs without looking like I'm trying to do some kind of contortionist routine.

    2. Shaving is infinitely easier

    3. Sex is way better.

  15. Crossing my legs, doing my own pedicures, running up the stairs to grab something, shopping for HOURS on end...
    great idea..I may have to continue this with a post.
    Love you Barb!!

  16. Ring size has gone down drastically
    I actually have a collar bone I didn't know existed.
    Yes, shaving is easier. (LMAO@Amanda...Crop of hair on the back of the leg huh? I hate that!)
    Face no longer looks like I'm hoarding nuts for the winter.
    I have kneecaps now.

  17. Okay - honestly that ear thing - drives me crazy. My freaking ears are boney now and they hurt if I sleep on them too long. Is that ridick or what?

  18. Shaving is a lot easier. I can put my ankles behind my neck (not in a kinky way, honest!) I was sitting indian style on the floor. I was curious if I could do it and I could! :-) I can wear heels now without my knees or feet hurting.