08 March 2011

FAT TUESDAY... hmmm What say you?

I totally understand what Fat Tuesday is all about,
and I really do think the day provides for alot of fun
So, this post is not about Mardis Gras.. (disclaimer here)

Whenever I hear the word FAT anything, it invokes a spike in my adrenaline.
i mean for years i was (and to still some extent still am) fat everything.
fat girl
fat wife
fat mother
fat neighbor

the list goes on people.
It's my hang up

I just cringe when i hear the word "fat".
I almost have a guilty association with the word, and immediately think .. and question whether or not the inference is related to me.
How sick is that people?

OK.. different topic.
Thank you for the compliments on my photo and hair.
I didn't get my hair done yet..
so that was my before picture..
but glad you liked it.
I hope I like the after..

Ok different topic.
I am in an emotional funk (no surprise there)
Not going to dwell here
I am tempting myself to do something drastic with my life..
No no.. nothing related to harming myself
I mean like a life changer
go for plastic surgery, a tummy tuck and a set of BOOBs
Take a cruise by myself
Move across the country
change careers
I dont know
I just feel an overwhelming desire to escape from where I am
and redo my self.

Ugh.. sorry this post is all over the place.
but that is me these days.. just a freakin train wreck..


  1. If that's your before picture, then WOW.

    Could you take an extended leave of absence from work and go live somewhere exotic for a month or two? The Isle of Skye or a Greek island or a fishing village in Wales or Sardinia or... I have lots of ideas. Edinburgh is really nice.

    But these are all of *my* escape fantasy places. Could you do something like that, that's life-changing but not necessarily permanent?

  2. I thinking doing something BIG is a great idea! Something exciting! A trip some where you've always wanted to go and the research the hell out of it so you see all sorts! Yay

  3. Your picture is great! Your so, so pretty! I'm excited to see the new hair, too! As for wanting to do something big, I'd say go for it! :)

  4. Sounds wonderful to do something grand like change your life. I would do it for sure if I had the money.

    Go for it! Can't wait to see the after pic.

  5. I keep telling everyone I know...we dont use the F in word! I agree with Kristin! Do it baby!

  6. You need to talk to my sister....I think she could use some of your perspective on things. I mean that, you too have soooo much in common yet are polar opposites in some ways. She hates to leave her house. She goes to work and than thats it. You, on the other hand, while probably just thinking out loud about moving, etc., are at least open. Both of you are right, there is no wrong way to deal with what you are dealing with but it just blows my mind how two women have such different ways of thinking. good thing I love you both!

  7. You're not all over the place or a train wreck...You're trying to bring your life back together and it's a hard thing to do afterwhat you have been through. I agree with Kristin. Take a vacation and see part of the world you've always dreamed.

    oh and I LOVE the before picture...It looks so cute. Can't wait to see the after :)

  8. I think something new sounds great! It will give you something to look forward to. Maybe a trip instead of surgery or a new job though? Baby steps, right?

  9. You are just searching for yourself...again, When you lost Mark, a piece of yourself died with him... and you just need to put yourself back together again. You will find her...

  10. I'm plotting a grown-up Time Out for myself. I can't wait to hear what you come up with...

  11. First, I love the smile in your picture. So nice to see it. Will wait for the after shot. Funny but my friend did a makeup makeover on me last night for a course she is taking but I need to wait for the pictures. Here are my suggestions (I should send you an e-mail but...).

    *get the boobs you want. I had mine reduced and it was the best thing I ever did for myself. I'm sure getting them resized works both ways.
    *take a cruise. The repositioning cruises are all getting ready to move (Florida to Mediterranean in April and Norway to Florida in October). Usually 20-30 days with a bunch of sightseeing, except when crossing the ocean-then just lots of water.
    *Riverboat cruising on the Danube (ok, I'm doing this one-Oct. 27th with Avalon Waterways-start in Budapest, end in Prague). It's a wine cruise for our 30th anniversary. But you can come along too!
    *Take a cruise through the Suez Canal, except those are usually for the 80yrs+ and you are too young.
    *Go to Disney World and ride everything.
    *Rent a Tuscan Villa and live like that movie (the name I completely forgot!)
    *I'm sure there are great deals on trips to Libya or Egypt right now.
    *Don't move from your house or away from your girls. That's IMHO.

    But maybe just start with the hair cut and color.

  12. You're allowed to be a train wreck...cuz you do it with dignity, class and beauty. You're amazing that way. I think we should get boobs together. I'll come stay with you and we can whine about how much it hurts but love how it looks. You in?

  13. Doing something BIG is a great idea.
    Feel free to do any of those things except moving across the country...that is not allowed.


    I vote Boobies!

  15. You should come visit me, but it's best to come in the Summer so we can sit on my pool deck and drink margaritas. And I definitely want to get boobs with you and Drazil. Love your hair! Maybe I should go blonde. If I get boobs I'm definitely going blonde.

  16. I like the idea of a major trip AND major boob/body job.

    Boobs + Blonde = Winning Combination!