24 February 2011

What the Band Has Really Given Me..

There is nothing more rewarding than to see a person happy.
Think about it.
When you read or hear about some one's victory, on the scale or in the dressing room,
doesn't a big old smile come across your face.
So the band has given me many many smiles reading about your happiness and victories..

And of course, when times are tough by means of WL or Life
The people who have surrounded my cyber space have given me unconditional love and support.
So the band has fulfilled  for me one of the most basic needs in life.. a sense of belonging.

And then there are the stories..
the stories of those who have walked the band talk
Those who have shared their journey, who have opened their hearts and souls
And told us what worked, what didn't
And what was normal and not
They coaxed us to hang in there.
And cheered us on that we can do it.
So the band has given me support to dream my dreams and achieve my WL goals.

But most of all the band has allowed me to reach out and meet you.
It has allowed me to open my life and share my times of pain and joy.
And that my friends has given me something that no amount of money, fame or beauty could provide.
And that is your friendship..
That is what the Band has really given me..

XXOO  Hugs.. be well..


  1. So LOVE you right back.
    Just got your e-mail...will respond in the AM.

  2. You are virtually one of the kindness and nicest supporters I've had on my journey...thank you for your support and friendship.

  3. You are just the sweetest, Barb! I can't wait to see you in Chicago ;-)

  4. Hey pretty lady! Thanks for the post and your comments earlier. K

  5. You are so right, I feel exact same way :o)

  6. You know you have my thoughts and love every day. Sorry I missed the previous two posts.
    My father had stage IV lung cancer diagnosed in 2005-- but he has had a remarkable recovery with the drug Tarceva.
    I hope your friend has this type of mutation of her cancer and will be responsive. PLEASE let her know about Tarceva-- I am sure her oncologist will want to give it a try.
    If not: Harry Raftopoulos is my father's onc, he is at Long Island Jewish. That may be a hike, but could be worth it.

    I am so sorry for all of this pain, it does seem to pile up... but I appreciate that you remember to tell us all to hug and hold the ones we love. That is the most important message. Hugs and kisses... xoxo

  7. I agree with Dinnerland what is resonating with me these days as I contemplate a new job that potentially means long hours - which equals time away from my kids - is hug your kids, hug your friends, life is too freakin short! Why do we so easily forget the real priorities in life? I can tell you reading your blog is re-centering me and reminds me what's most important in life. Its so easy to get caught up in everything else.
    I'm sorry to hear about your friend.

  8. ((hugs)) back to you GF! Can't wait to give you a real one in Chicago! You only get what you give, and you've given us all so much with your blog...more than you know. Love you!

  9. You give so much back...it's an honor to be in your life and you're always in my heart every day.

  10. You are an amazing woman! Anyone else would be wallowing in their own pain and rightly so. Few people can look through their grief and still see the good out there.

  11. What a perfect, amazing post. The BEST of the week. Babs, you are amazing, you know that? :)

  12. You are an amazing woman Barb and I am proud to have you in my life! I cannot wait to see you in CHicago but if you want to veg out in FL at any time, you come on down!

  13. great post! We love you Barbara!!

  14. Truer words were never written.