24 March 2011

The Adventures of Me

Well.. it looks like my appetite is definitely coming back.
I recently adjusted some meds, and oh boy.. all of a sudden food interests me.
that's good and bad.
I am having a love affair with M&M's (with nuts).
I guess they are the only nuts I will be getting..

I go to the dentist tomorrow for a crown prep.
Ok come on .. I know you are all jealous of that.

I have some travel coming up too, Texas, Boston and Florida
(so that should take up some space in my mind)

But.. I have some really exciting news,
I will soon (May) have some BooBs visiting me!!!
Sandy will be coming for a visit and Cindylew will be joining us.
It should be a goodtime..
Seriously, if other area Boobs want to come on over.. just let me know!!!

I am trying to stay busy, grounded and sane all at the same time.
Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive, loving and kind to me.
I tell my family and colleagues about all of you.. people just cant believe that
we have made this connection and that it is for real.

But it is.. and you are all the best..
Thank you for all of your kindness and for letting me .. be me..


  1. Oh what a fantastic visit! You, Sandy & Cindy are 3 of my favorite ladies. I may drive up to Philly and crash. :) XOXOLinda

  2. Glad you have some fun on your calendar. It will lift your spirit. Where in Florida are you going?

  3. I'm ready for another road trip, Linda. Let's go!

  4. Sigh...M&M's. With nuts. Mmmm...I can have chocolate in 31 more days. :)

    Have fun in your travels and with your blogger buds!!

  5. Let me know when you come to Texas and I'll try to meet up!

  6. Oops, sorry didn't mean to just jump in and invite myself. I'm still on my New York high. I totally understand if you want to keep it small and personal, but would really love to see you and Sandy and Cindylew again.

  7. Terribly jealous of the crown prep. My turn is coming a few weeks. Yippee! Lol

  8. mmmm. M& M's. I don't even like em and I want them! It's that kinda week for me!
    Have so much fun when the girls visit!

  9. Thanks a lot. Now I want M&M's.

    Sounds like you have a lot of fun ahead of you and it's sorely overdue. Enjoy it!

  10. m&ms with nuts... yummmmmmm!

  11. Oh dangit. Now I want some M&M's.

    I swear - I just "hear" mention of food...and I want it. Like crazy!

    Texas? Where? Anywhere around Houston?

  12. Where in Florida will you be? If anywhere around Palm Beach/Ft. Lauderdale I'd love to see you!

  13. I don't like nuts in my chocolates. I prefer nut-less! haha

    I hope your visit is lots of fun! I am sure it will be. Take lots of pictures!

  14. Have fun with those BOOBs :) Sooo jealous! Not jealous of the dentist visit tho...LOL

  15. haha - NUTS! Yes, you be you, it's the best you I could imagine. I want to squeeze the stuffing out of you!

  16. Hey there-- hope all is well... keep on posting. M+M's or not: we all want to hear from you...

  17. I just had a major panic attack, I couldn't find you...and I couldn't remember your new blog title. Did you know that when you click on your pic in a comment, it doesn't link to your blog. Anyway, my attack is over...I found you! I think about you all the time, and hope that things are getting a little bit better, everyday!

  18. I would LOVE to see you when you come to Boston!