09 March 2011

Guilt Free ME!!!!

Ok.. I forgot to tell you when I went to the doc yesterday I weight in at 174  fully clothed  with my boots on.
Damn my scale at home is off..

AND.. what a difference a little pill can make. Think of the song Xanadu
Honestly.. I got SLEEP last night and woke up feeling like I actually belonged on the earth.
I think I slept close to 7 hours.. which I don;t think I have experienced since early December..

Today I bought myself  a new eyeliner from STILA
Have any of you tried this.
It;s smudge proof and water proof.

With all of my water works going on.. my eye makeup would be OFF before I knew it.

this stuff Stays on!!

I also got this great little under makeup primer called   TOO FACED.
its really nice, I have used smash box primer but  really like this. If you have pore issues you might want to check this product out.

And I also bought a new mascara with a double wand two complete different shapes called Two-Timer.
Love it.. I actually bought it in black (which I always wore brownish black) but all black really made my eye pop.
Not pop out, but just pop

Now don't ask me why the hell I am buying makeup.. its not like I am going anywhere..
But you know .. sometimes a girl has just got to change things up.
And that's where I am right now.

Wink.. be well


  1. Now I'm singing "Xanadu"...I love me some Oliva Newton John!! I'm a big primer user, myself. it helps with my uneven skin tone and makes a big difference I how my makeup looks. I'm glad you got some good sleep...We all need some rest in our lives! Especialy you and your fabulous hair!

  2. Nothing like some new makeup to help lift your spirits. Right up there with new shoes and a cosmo.

  3. Yay for a good nights sleep Barb. Glad the med seems to be working for you!

  4. Now I want Too Faced. I have pore issues. Spackle would work too!

  5. I love a therapeutic trip to Sephora. I used to use a lot of Stila - it's great. I'll have to check out that eyeliner.
    I love your hair too - I didn't get to comment last night.
    I'm glad you got some sleep - keep it up.

  6. So, so happy you're getting some sleep.

    Love the stila liner. But I'm afraid I'd eff up the application and then look like a clown for an entire day.

  7. Great news about sleep, makeup and feeling a little better! Your pic is GORGEOUS btw!

  8. I love STILA...it is high quality...Glad you slept...Glad you pampered yourself.

  9. You make me want to go makeup shopping. I'm so happy you finally got some sleep. BTW there is nothing wrong with looking good just for Barb!!

  10. You make me want to go makeup shopping too!! Even though I only wear the stuff a couple of times a month. heheh

    Sephora calls my name, but I CAN resist!! ;)

    Yay for sleep!

  11. I need some smudge proof eyeliner, come midday I look like Gene Simmonds!

    Glad that you're treating yourself, you deserve it!

  12. Make up and bath items always make me feel better, you go girl...you deserve it all. I'm glad you got some sleep too!

  13. Glad you got some sleep. I'm a smash box faithful but I might have to check out the others you mentioned.

  14. I am a huge believer in Makeup Therapy! Good for you, you totally deserve it!

  15. I am so thrilled that you got a good nite's sleep - much needed, much deserved! And, I'm going to have to find Too Faced - sounds like something I NEED!

  16. I totally get the sleep thing (I am with a bit of insomnia myself at the moment.) Glad you got some rest...
    As for makeup-- I spent over 30 minutes primping for going to w*rk yesterday- so go figure. It certainly wasn't for anyone other than ME.
    Make up is FUN, so please enjoy!!!