12 March 2011

Disasters Suck....

I don't know about you..
but when world disasters happen..
I get totally freaked out.
Because I feel its only a matter of time before one of this things happen in my back yard.

First, I am located right smack dab in between two target cities (NY and DC).. so if some nut job decides on another terror attack.. I figured I could be screwed I try not to think about it.. but I do.

911 was traumatic..my husbands office was a stone's throw away when that disaster happened.
I was in Boston that day, and my eldest daughter was away at college in the same area where the plane went down in central PA.  That day we could not communicate to save our own lives.. cell phones were jammed.
It took me a long time to process that event..  there is a Garden of Reflection memorial near our town in rememberance of the 911 vicitms from our area (alot of NYC commuters live here).

So now we see this horrific Tsunami, the news channels are all abuzz about the fact that we should have a "Go BAG" ready in case of any kind of disaster.  Ok here is the actual link that tells you...

what should be in your GO BAG

Ya know .. that's not what's gonna be in my GO BAG.

So I made my own list.

1. picture of my husband and kids
2. deodorant (sorry I am vain)
3. flashlight (yeah I get the creeps in the dark)
4. chocolate.. damn if I am going to die I am shoving as much as possible in my mouth
5. Nice pair of earrings.. I don't know.. wearing nice earrings always makes me feel good.
6. hand cream.. probably will do nothing for survival.. but stress always affects my hands
7. a change of under wear.. sorry I will probably have messed the ones I am running in and I am not hanging my cheeks in dirty panties.
8. a bottle of vodka (if it is really the end of the world) I don't want to feel it.
9. dental floss (yes vain again)
10. matches.. I don't know, some where I read you should have matches..

So that's it.. can you think of anything I  might have missed.. I mean really missed..


  1. I just love the way you think! I am smiling from ear to ear after reading this. You crack me up.

  2. Lol I love number 4 and 8.

  3. The hand cream makes me laugh. I go nowhere without lotion. It's an OCD thing. I can't touch paper of any kind after washing my hands unless I put lotion on.
    Our closest ocean town was hit pretty good. (Crescent City) it is about 80 miles from where I live.
    I can't think of anything you've left off!

  4. It would be terrifying and I understand your fear.

    I would add my mobile and charger just in case of power and to use in the car if I was in it. And McGuyver always carried tape and pocket knife. hehehe

  5. Your GO BAG really boils it all down to the essentials. I think I might add cashmere blanket and wine, but otherwise, you got it all!

  6. I am really into hats and I would want to be worried about bad hair days with all that stress and confusion... so pack a hat! Your list rocks! especially the chocolate, I would have a rolling suitcase full of it... If you're going to die, at least you can die happy!

  7. I just read your list out to my mom and cracked up. Cannot wait to see you a week from today!!

  8. I'm with Gen!! I need some wine in there... maybe a martini shaker and some olives too?
    Why not have fun if it is all going to be over soon anyway.

    Not to make light of the terribly tragic events in Japan, I'm just without words about the horror of this disaster...

  9. I think I'd take tequila. :)

  10. Hmmm...definitely need the booze. I'd take a lighter instead of matches though. Chances are you'd run out of matches before lighter fluid. Just a thought. And a sports bra! If I'm running for my life, I can't be hampered down by sagging boobies.

  11. Your list belongs on Homeland Security's website.

  12. Oh my goodness I laughed so hard when I read this! I'm deoderant and vodka and chocolate all the way! *sigh* that was so funny!
    Hey I love stila products but I've not tried the eyeliner. I'll have to do that- I also really like benefit products. Diorshow mascara is the best to me. I also want to try that makeup primer you mentioned.