10 April 2011

Eating for One

I read the many posts on the Dr.Oz show with great interest.
Particularly what everyone eats in a typical day.
It made me reflect on my own eating habits, and the fact that I
am now "eating for one".

The eating for one concept does have some advantages
(Remember I need to always seek for the silver lining in life now a days)

So back to the advantages:
Well for one, I get to eat what I want, when I want.
No comprehensive meal planning.
Grocery shopping is a snap
And I am a cheap eat (grocery bill now equals a tank of gas) go figure that one out.

I think that what I like the best witheating for one, is that there is no regiment.
If I want a bowl of cereal for dinner, so be it.
If I want to have dinner at lunch, go for it.
If I want to skip a meal and just have a protein shake or smoothie, who will know.

The Keurig has been a dream for me.
No need to make a pot of coffee, if its just for one.
Kcup to the rescue.

Hmm, why did I just think of a bra size as K Cup.
Could it be I have boobies on the brain.

Yes, I do.. and I find I get a bit of heart palpitation with the thought.
I hope I am not the oldest patient the surgeon has done a boob job on.

I digress, Alright back to eating.
Gen wrote a great post reflecting on the Wizard of Oz and the fact that she is now in control of her emotional eating.. I just need to echo that sentiment.  It's true.
It would be nothing for me to polish off a whole container of Ben and Jerry's (I actually did this once before I had true restriction).. That could or would not happen now.  Why, cause my capacity is really limited.
I have been blessed in that I no longer PB, but I think that is because I had my "breakthrough" with learning how to eat with the band once you are near your green zone. 
I truly think this is part of the learning curve.  The main cause of my PB'ing was eating too fast. Those rules of chewing are there for a reason.

So, I am now into the low 170's, and actually could not be more thrilled (Dec. 1st, I was 207 and Draz and I were going into our get our butts into gear semi-liquid diet mode)..  Besides life happening, I did have my last fill on Dec.3 (have not had one since)
I know that I am truly in my green zone now.. and to realize that I am down 34 pounds since December is pretty amazing to me.  Everything has balanced out for me with eating, restriction, following the rules.

The band was a great decision, and I just wish that voice was more broadly heard on the Dr. Oz show.

Be well.


  1. I am sure you are no where near his oldest patient! You are too funny!

  2. I think its great that you have modified your habits and reached your green zone...I really think there is a learning curve for learning how to work the band...at least for me.

    I think the surgery will be icing on the cake!!! I'm excited for you.

  3. I hope I too can find that comfortable place within the "green zone", as you obviously have.


  4. I sometimes think I'm in my green zone... but sometimes I think I could eat too much still.

  5. I'm glad you had your breakthrough and are right near the green zone. You are not the oldest boobie patient...You're too funny!!!

  6. First, so excited about your plastic surgery consult!

    So far, being banded is the nicest gift I've ever given myself. 50 lbs down and I already feel so different! It's making me address feelings instead of eat them and even if I eat them, I can't eat all of them. I agree with everything in your post!

  7. Good for you! I need a consult too just don't have the funds for boobs right now.