11 April 2011

High Five ME!!

Yes, I am High Fiving ME!!

Why, cause I finally got my butt on the treadmill.
Truly the first time since January.

Go Figure!
Look at those thighs!.. I really got to start to do something.

I really do not have a defined waist, I am kind of up and down, like the letter H, except when you get to those thighs.

So, my personal challenges is to tone up..  Here are some pictorial instructions  of different exercises.
I have no idea what she is doing with that ball between her legs, I guess squeezing the hell out of it.

Anyway,  I am adding a few of these to my routine.
So consider this my BEFORE picture before I blast my thighs.

Click below.. youtube video

Be well


  1. Wow! Nice treadmill! I think you look pretty damn good.

  2. Yea, I am with Camille...come over to my place and we'll talk about thighs!!!!

    Let the blasting begin!

  3. Three for three...you're looking great mama.

  4. Hell to the yah......God I need to get back on there myself.

  5. My thighs are my worst feature and I would literally kill for yours. Anyway, Who do I have to kill?

  6. I think you look great....so TINY!

  7. Consider yourself High-Fived! I will have to try those Thigh Blaster exercises. Definitely one of my problem areas...I LOVE your treadmill!

  8. High fives back at ya! You're so beautiful and you look terrific!!

  9. Yeah for you. I have two walks in so far this week. Come on and catch up to me!

    The video was cute. Guess Drazil and all the others can learn about a bikini wax from Mrs. B.

  10. Sooo funny! The video was great! I agree with everyone...you look great!!

  11. No, come to MY place and we'll talk about thighs! You do look great!