22 April 2011

Good Lord, where do I begin

Just got back from a week long trip to Boston.
Last weekend I was so freaking stressed out I wanted to scream (taxes due, my exec VP calling me wanting to go over my presentation over and over, trying to pack, trying to get everything else in life squeezed into 48 hours).
Short story, week was incredibly long, my presentation to the CEO went well, and well.. here is the rest of the story.

So, you all know my history (got the band, lost weight, lost my husband, delayed any business travel till now).

So this meeting was a gathering of 10 VP's (all levels), CFO CIO CEO. EIEIO.. blah blah blah.. all who have not seen me since my banding (65 or so pounds ago)..

So here was my read on Greetings and reactions:
  • So good to see you
  • So sorry to hear about your loss
  • Gee you look great
  • HOLY Sh*t you lost allot of weight, how the hell did you do that
Yeah, the last one was more the sense of the reaction I got.
It just makes you stop and think.. how freaking bad I must have looked before.

Here is my other read, all VP's are incredible shape at my company.
I mean fit! and they incorporate exercise, diet discipline etc. into their daily way of life.

The only break food available was Chobi yogurt, trail mix, fruit..
Lunch was a lean diet, salad, grilled chicken, grilled veggies.
No real desserts..  and here was the killer for me NO CHOCOLATE.

When I have my face to face Director meetings, I always placed a big bowl of chocolate (bliss, Ghiradeli or some small but killer chocolate to calm the crowd.

Not so in this high powered meetings.. healthy everything, very little coffee consumption and almost everyone drank water non stop.
But when the evening came around... the wine was non stop.. yes I work with a bunch of wine snobs.

Alright, the second little piece of news, is that Monday I go for my PS consult.
Originally I wanted my neck and boobs done.
Then I started to draw a diagram of my body and identified areas of improvement.
Well by the time I got done it looked like a damn road map of the NYC roadways.

Ugh..so I will definitely give an update on that discussion next week.
In the meantime I definitely need to catch up on blogs (so far behind).

Big HUGS to everyone.. I have missed you all.



  1. I can't wait to see you... Yay! Philly Boobs! *M*

  2. Barbara, Glad to hear from you...I wonder if we work at the same firm. The VPs and upper management at my firm are incredibly fit too...and they have done a renovation of meetings...lots of bottled water, broiled fish, vegetarian alternatives. A lot of people work out before coming to the office or work out at our office gym...all in all its not a bad environment...Glad things went well on the business trip, but not surprised...You strike me as very strong and competent.

  3. Chobani yogurt at a business meeting?! No bagels or donuts? OMG - HEAVEN!!!

  4. Can't wait to hear about your PS appt. Mine said she'd do boobs and tummy in the same operation - to save money - and to only go under anathesia once....so I wonder what yours will say.

    Oh and? I love you BArb.

  5. Missed you! You do look great...........you've had so much happen to you over the past year I'm surprised anyone would ask you how you lost the weight.

    Feel good and ENJOY!!!!

  6. On pins and needles waiting to hear about PS appointment! So interesting that the company is focused on healthy eating... but maybe not that surprising since it's in the healthcare field. Awesome, anyway. And I love that they're wine snobs. I know nothing about wine so I love going out with people who know what to order.

  7. I can't wait to hear about the boobs consult!! I'm also so glad to hear your presentation went well! I agree with you about the CEO's and directors in my company are also extremely fit, most run marathons, how do they do it? Do we do all the work and they get to make their own schedules and fit workouts into their normal workday?? I think so! Either that or they're simply never home!

  8. What kind of freaked out meeting is that? With no chocolate? Not right. Just not right.

    Can't wait to hear about your consult!