25 April 2011

PS Consult

Gather round my friends,
Today was the day I went for my PS consult.
The guy does dynamic work.. he started out as a reconstructive surgeon and now has an incredible practice.

So today was my day.. to go in and get an assessment of what was and was not possible to achieve.

My youngest daughter went along for moral support. 
The first stop was with the coordinator, she spent about 1.5 hours with me.
First we talked about the boobs.
And she pulled out the arsenal of boobie implants
I mean from a C cup to I don't know  a G cup, think of a dinner plate.
My eyes just about popped out looking at those babies or rather boobies.
Then we were on to going through the two volumes of before and after pictures.
I mean lots. different shapes, sizes, colors..
She zeroed in on women who had my body shape and who went conservative and those that went va va vavooom.
Next decision - Saline or silicone.
With one touch I knew I wanted Silicone, it felt like a real boob.
So after the preliminary info about the procedure and risks, it was time to meet the doctor.
He comes into the little meeting room, and asks what I am interested in having done.

So you all know, my number one freak out is my neck.. I have these crappy vertical lines.
You know after you live with that double chin for so long the skin just does not snap back.
He took a good look (and feel) and said that it was the skin hanging and the only way to get rid of that was with a neck lift (which I already figured)..
After that I started to point to my eyes, and asked for some critical evaluation and we discussed options.
So I have some things to consider there.
I then asked about the tummy tuck.. and he said there was a limit to how much he would do at once.

Next it was boobie talk, and he said well we are going to have to take a look.
I asked my daughter to tag along just in case he tried to take advantage of me..
hey saggy boobies turn some guys on..
So the coordinator takes me into the exam room and tells me to strip down to my panties and put on a cover.
In walks the doc and he says open the gown.
I slowly pulled it back and he stares at my t*ts.
God, I wonder if they are the worse he has seen, cause he kept looking.
He then reaches out and grabs my left one, and then the right one, and keeps his hands on them for about one hour 20 seconds.
He then looks at my FUPA, and says that the only thing that could address it would be a tummy tuck.
Yeah thanks doc, I don't have enough scars, whats one more big ropey one.

He then went back and grabbed examined my boobs again and brought out his measuring stick.
You know those implants need to be sized to your rib cage.
He asked me what size I wanted to be and I blurted.. I WANT TO BE A D CUP.
Like I was proclaiming "Give me Liberty or Give me Death"  Just give me a damn D CUP.

He agreed that would go with my big ass body frame.

So then it was back to the meeting room and more discussion about what I wanted to go with.
The coordinator pulled a bunch of stuff together for me, reviewed it and said bring my questions back.

So here is the run down, My pre-op is June 6th and My surgery date is July1st (I will have to stay over night)
He figures with all I want to get down it will take 4.5 to 5 hours..

I better come out looking like Marilyn Monroe!!!

Anyway, I told you all I was going to do something life changing.. and there you have it.
I will bring my new Boobies to the BOOBS meeting for all to see..


  1. Can't wait to see the pictures-- you are very brave, but good on ya for doing this step. It will be great, for sure...

  2. OMG. I had a breast "reduction" to go from D to C. But if they are perky who cares. You are having surgery on Canada Day (July 1st). There will be fire works and everything to celebrate the new boobs and the new woman. Although you will still be the same old Barbara. Just a bit perkier. To go with your new life. I can't wait to come for a visit. Not long now.

  3. Holy Schnike...do we get first row seating for this event?
    Seriously, I couldn't be more excited for you...we'll compare scars.

  4. Barb when you go in, you go all in! I love it. I'm so excited for you. Congratulations on your decision.

  5. You must have one hell of a push up bra... because you looked like a D-cup to me when I saw you. You seem to have a great set to begin with... I am noticing extensive saggin myself these days. I am hoping a basic breast reduction with help with that for me... You look amazing for your age, actually you look amazing for any age... *M*

  6. Whoo hoo NEW BOOBS!!! So happy for you.

  7. This is so exciting! Good for you!

  8. LMAO - Give me Liberty or Give me Death

    Sopunds like you are going to a absolutely fabulous :o)

  9. Wow!! So happy for you!

  10. Holy cow that is so soon!! I am really excited for you!!!

  11. Whoo Hoo! SO excited for you...and I can't wait to hear what you decided about the eyes (mine eye bags are driving me crazy). Can't wait to see the new boobies in Chicago!!! Love you!

  12. Awesome!!!!! Can't wait to see the new Ds!!!!

  13. Oooh, can't wait to see the results. You will be a masterpiece!

  14. Oh, I'm so excited for you. I will absolutely be following in your footsteps - though I dont' need bigger I just need moved somewhere nearer to the top half of my body - but still. I'm damn thrilled that you are doing this for you!!

  15. Ooooh! Exciting! I can't wait to feel you up! :P

  16. Wow! Life changing indeed! More power to ya sister! Can't wait to see before and after pics!

  17. I can't freaking wait! I wish I could come take care of you!

  18. I am so thrilled for you AND for the "girls"!! Can't wait to see pics!!

  19. How exciting for you!

  20. Man-you don't kid around ---do you? Can't wait to see you in Chicago!!


  21. That is so super exciting!!!