30 May 2011

The Secret to Dropping a few Pounds Fast

Ok.. this may not be a secret to you, but it sure had a damn good impact on me.

Yesterday I literally worked my ass off doing yardwork.

I mowed the front yard (yes I have lawn service but the did such a crappy job cause the grass was so long from all the rain).. So I decided to rake all the chopped up brown grass and re-mow the lawn 2X.

Keep in mind, I had the grass catcher bag connect so lifting that thing and emptying it was a workout in itself

Then lugging the wheel barrow up and down a steep hill, burned even more calories

And last but not least, I started to plant flowers in all the pots.
This was a particularly emotional activity, and I could hardly keep back the tears doing so.
Mark, used to make up the most beautiful planters..
But I trudged on...wanting to keep this tradition going.

So today, I am going to tackle some more trimming and yard work.

As I jumped on the scale I was thrilled to see  163 on the scale.
Yeah.. I would LOVE to get to 150 by the end of the summer.

I guess that means a couple more weekends of yard work.

Stay cool, and enjoy of the holiday!!

Remember those who have served us, they are all heros



  1. Doing yard work has become my sisters therapy as her husband used to do all the planters and gardens, my sister was the mower! Now, when she does it, she too sheds many tears but she is determined to keep the yard looking as it did when he was alive.

    Congrats to you for seeing 163! I too saw 163 but I was not happy :( I am going on 3 weeks with a deflated band and my weight is up 4 lbs! I am hoping its water retention. I just want to hang on until my surgery on 6/17! Hopefully we will both be at 150 by the end of summer!

  2. It's funny how doing something different from your usual routine workout can result in a weight loss. I know it's a mixed blessing for you but you get the satisfaction of losing weight and having a beautiful yard as well.

  3. Yard work is a therapeutic and productive way to exercise...I think integrating activities like this is the key to long term, sustained losss... =)

  4. I know a great landscaper... LOL! Anyway, I am happy you got out there in the incredible heat and probably sweat off a few pounds as well. I know Mark would be smiling while watching you continue the tradition and everytime you look at those flowers, you will see Mark there. See you soon, XOXO, *M*