02 June 2011

Holy crap

In 28 days i will be going under the knife
All I can think of is holy crap!

I followed Steph's journey pretty closely.
Mine will be a bit different in that I am having more done and it's going to be a 5 hour surgery.

Now all of this is fine and good but also is dependent on me passing the health screening stuff they made older people go through.
So far. Not so good ... Already have to repeat one test. Next Monday will be the rest of the tests and the final scope of work review with the surgeon to make sure we are on the same page.

I have found the longer I look at myself the more things I want to fix. But I don't want to wind upnlooking like that crazy cat women who has had so much surgery she now looks like a cat.

That is crazy.

So am I nervous. Yes a bit.
I am updating the will just in case.
Making arrangements for my pets
And will be taking two weeks vacation to recover.

So I think it's all going to be ok.
It's just a strange feeling to know that there will be no one to say hello to me when I do come out of recovery. B


  1. We will all be there in spirit...hope all goes ok with the tests and make sure you take the time off to recover, that's the most important!

  2. B - I'm very excited for you. And I am with Sandi, we are all there for you! Maybe a local friend can come with you?

  3. My surgery is on 6/17 or I'd come to be with you? What about the girls? I bet they will be there!

    I can't believe its this month already! You'll be fine though...you are one tough Chica!

  4. I wish I could be there with you! We will be here with you in spirit, I hope you know that. Good luck with the tests!

  5. OK, first of all, the crazy cat lady had surgery to make herself look more like a cat on purpose. So no worries there. You will look fabuloso!!

    Sending love your way. xoxo

  6. I'm a local friend, will I do? I would love to be there for you however and whenever I can. I am so happy to have a BOOB around, even if she is going to be more stacked then me... LOL. I miss you already, I am glad you have Alison so close, because she obviously adores you. Text me when you have time for lunch or a chatfest. *M*

  7. Hey roomie...here's your other semi-local friend.
    Tell me when and where and if I'm not working, I'll be there.

  8. Babe - I'd be there in a heartbeat if I could be. You are gonna do GREAT! Love you!

  9. Count me in as one of your spiritual post op supporters!

  10. You can call me when you're in your drug induced haze and I'll make you smile!!! I need to do a blog update (I've been super busy since I was out of work all last week) but just so you know here I am a week and and a half out of surgery and I am fine. My bruises are fading, my pain is long gone and I feel normal...just still swollen. Very swollen. You will be fine, sweetie!!! Then you will be one even more hot mama!!

  11. OH Mother... I already took the day off to be there when you go in and when you wake up in recovery :)

    Very exciting! We must have a bra burning party to make way for those double d's :)

    Barbara Jr.

  12. I just knew one or both of your daughters would be there... I'll be there in spirit though. I'm not sure we're going to be able to handle you looking even more beautiful though...