16 May 2011

What's in Your Closet?

Ok, its spring, meaning summer is just around the corner.
Raise your hand if you are at or near slim pickins for clothes.

When I look at my wardrobe I am still so stuck on the color black.
Honestly, any bright color garment looks like a red-headed step child in my closet.

What is my hangup with COLOR???

And here is the weird part, when I do wear color it makes me feel so good.
Yet when I shop I avoid going after the color.

Any body else get stuck on the color wheel and still wind up buying black??


  1. You are so gorgeous...any color will look good on you. I love color. I should have more black. I can't stop myself though. If it is red, organe, yellow, green, blue...and especially hot pink I have to have it. It is so mine.

    My closet is looking a little bad. I am in between sizes. LOL. In the summer I love to wear dresses. I am trying to find more. Luckily the ones from last summer are still looking good.

  2. You deserve some color, girl!! Get out there and force yourself to buy clothes that are anything BUT black.
    When I shop, I often get in a rut of choosing the same stuff-- that is why forcing yourself out of the box of 'black pants rinse, repeat, black pants..." is so important in the store!!
    I have also taken to trying to buy one important item for my wardrobe at a time when I do a shopping trip... so maybe go shopping with the purpose of getting ANYTHING with color? Be inventive and creative!
    Treat yourself to something from Missoni or even Pucci if you can find something affordable and great. I love both color palates of those designers!

  3. Anyway, I always worried that my Mom would remarry and make me a redheaded stepchild... But So far so Good. But that wasn't the main topic here, was it?

  4. Funny you ask this. It seems that I've traded black for tan! WTF? I love color and yet, that's what I'm getting. I will have to make an effort to change this up!

  5. I have a bunch of colour now. We will shop and I will act like Stacey from What Not to Wear. In fact when I wander the stores, I think of what she would say and try to go outside the box. I have lots of purple now. It's the "in" colour. But you can also add jewelry or scarves to mix it up. We'll shop.

  6. My closet is a freaking' rainbow...I adore color. One trip with me to King of Prussia Mall and we'll rid you of that pesky black.

  7. I've only bought 3 new outfits since losing some weight but I've tried to branch out a bit with them. It's a concerted effort though.

  8. My closet: Black, black, pink & black.
    Yes, I'm a little hung up.

  9. I have become the color queen, but black is always a nice go to stand-by. I think you would look fabulous in reds...You have the coloring to carry it well and it would just make you POP!!