14 May 2011

The Fill

So I got a fill yesterday, and I went in a bit iffy about the decision:
1. I really only had one day of what I would call "off" eating
2. I knew my fill would be with a new doc, my surgeon left the practice where I had the surgery, so i had no idea what this new one would be like
3. Might I just be approaching that point where "overfill" could be within my limit.

Hence, I was anxious to see how today would work out for me.
and ta da!! it was definitely the right call.
There is something very delicate about the balance for being truly in the "green zone" as they call it and a bit under that point. I can notice the difference..

The doc explained that since my last fill and this fill you also do lose fat around the band, thereby allowing more food to pass through.  And I guess that somewhere in that 39 lb loss the band did indeed loosen a bit.
So, my suspicions were right, the fact that I could eat more was because of losing fat around the band.

The other telling point for me was the brain part.  Honestly, while walking around Epcot I started to think about what I would eat while I was there.  What, why was that happening!  When I realized I could eat fish and chips, two beers, gelato and a chunk of salmon for dinner, I knew something was out of whack.  I am referring to not only the desire to eat more, but my brain thinking about "hmm wouldn't a gelato from Italy taste great right about now?"...

So today's test was eat to the point of push. Meaning, yeah with my prior fill I knew exactly how much I could eat without that PB feeling, but I just wanted to see volume wise if I could push that limit.
Outcome:  could not get past one Zone bar.. that was it.. and that damn zone bar has stayed with me for over 5 hours.  I am drinking tea and water (cause I have this stupid cold) but no hunger, no head hunger, no wandering thoughts about chocolate or any other thing..

Lesson learned, go with you instincts, if you feel you need a boost to get to the zone go.
If you have hunger or find yourself thinking about food,. go talk to the doctor.

I love this band.. it has become a real life changer for me.
And I just said HELLO to my first size 10.. yeah.. 18 months ago is was 22/24 and now Size freakin 10.

Hugs to all


  1. gracious that answers so many of my questions..thanks for sharing..I have an appt with my dr Tues to talk about the same thing!

  2. You encourage me so much!!! Your advice is always well research and practical...Honest to God, I was in my car driving to Trader Joe's today and I was filled with so much appreciation for you. Sweet Barbara, I hope you have a nice weekend.

  3. I need to get to where you are!!! Having a tough time with head hunger. I didn't think I needed a fill because have 8.5 in 10 cc band but I can eat a lot.

  4. I'm glad you trusted your feelings and got the fill. We're band twins now b/c I've been at 9.75 for a year. I actually am thinking of getting a tweak next month. You sound good. XOXOlinda

  5. <--- is doing a happy dance with you over that wonderful size TEN!! Wow!! Great job following your instincts!

  6. I really think I need a fill, but I do get stuck from time to time, usually eating too fast. I have too much head hunger though.

  7. Shitballs - a 10??? Dayum girl - I cannot wait to hug your tiny little frame in September!

  8. Yay 10's...we can share clothes in Chicago.
    Can't wait to see you Saturday.

  9. yay for 10s. And good for you for listening to your gut!!

  10. Wow! Size 10's! Soooo jealous! I agree that listening to your body is uberimportant on this journey.