13 May 2011

Back to Life

Hello My Dear Friends...

soo hmm, where do I begin.
I just got back from Florida, a glorious but freakin hot 6 days.
I was (and still am) sick as a dog with some kind of respiratory thingy..but am getting over it
I consumed more alcohol then I would like to admit.
I lost 3 pounds
And today  I went for a fill after having a mini panic attack at Epcot that I could eat and drink as much as I did within a 24 hour period.

Since Dec.7th (my last fill and visit) I have dropped 39 pounds.
Yes that's 5 months since my last fill, and they were a bit shocked by the loss
But they (and this is a new doctor, since the one I l really really liked) left still gave me a .25cc fill
That puts me at 9.75 in an 11 cc band.
When I got home I tested it out and could still eat a full cup of dannon yogurt with granola, so who knows it this will make a difference or not.
It can't hurt!

So my other BIG news is that Sandy (The Weight Loss Roller Coaster) is coming to visit me next weekend (Yeah).. and we are planning to connect up with Cindlew Who (my boob roomie) and her hubs.  So I am definitely psyched about that.

In just a little over 2 weeks I have all of my preop crap to do before my BOOB job, so I cant wait for that part to be over, the good thing is that it is forcing me to get a mammogram which I am about 3 years behind.

And then girls, its time to start thinking about what are we going to wear to the great BOOB Affair in Chicago.  I will probably have that black dress I wore last year up for dibs if anyone is interested..
I can check the size again.

Speaking of clothes, I really am down to nothing.. I have resorted to having about two pair of black pants, a few skirts, and a bunch of tops to interchange..

My arms are just terrible and have motivated me to start to think about working out with weights. HA did you read what I just wrote, "MOTIVATED ME TO THINK ABOUT".. no you dummy it should say MOTIVATED TO START TO ACTUALLY DO, not think"

I have come to realize I am very good at motivating to think.. I am such a good thinker.. now I just need to do.

So if you have followed along up to this point, thank you.. It has just been one of those blah blah blah posts.
Hugs and kisses to ALL'


  1. I'm quite jealous of the fun you will have with Sandy and Cindylew-Who. I look forward to hearing all about it!!

  2. Can't wait to start taling about the BOOBs/Chicago fashion :)

  3. So jealous I'm missing out on BOOBS again this year!

    Are you nervous about your plastic surgery? I know once I reach goal, I'm going to need a lift here and a tuck there but I'm kind of scared of it.

  4. Nice to hear from you!!!!

  5. We'll lift some weights--as long as the glass is full it must weigh something :-0

    Can't wait to see you next week. Get better soon and we will shop for some new stuff. 39 pounds. I am so jealous but oh so happy for you. 39 pounds--that's what I have lost so far. OK, I'm really jealous. More weights for me. And walking. And shopping.

    Oh. I bought a GPS and have your address all loaded up. Although I'm not good at listening when someone tells me where to go. Maybe I should turn it off when I cross the border so she doesn't tell the guy off or something. Will e-mail soon. I'm on my second margarita and enjoying the warm weather. Yeah for weekends!

  6. I am jealous that you were able to lose weight while on a drinking holiday :o)

    And that is the same motivation I suffer from. I am trying to change my thinking to this:

    Forget Mojo, just do it. Motivation is really quite flakey when you think about it, it just comes and goes as it likes :o)

  7. I followed the whole thing. Go out shopping Girl!!! It took me 20 minutes to find the 2 dresses I'm wearing on my last post-- seriously : at JC Penny. Grand Total was $78 bucks, by the way.
    Enjoy the slimmer you-- and pictures please!