02 May 2011


Freakin Chocolate.

For almost all of my life, I have used chocolate to patch or soothe some void, over stimulation, or just because!

I think I have eaten about 20 of those Hershey Bliss square things today.
OMG, they just melt in your mouth, make my heart race and bring me to the edge ... of well BLISS!!!

How the heck can something like Chocolate have this effect on me??

BLISS.. that is the safest thing (censored) that I can write right now.

No other food does this to me.

Crap,.....I think I do need therapy!


  1. Lol. I don't even like chocolate and was craving it today!

  2. Those are good, and so smooth.........ah

  3. Now I need to try these damn things...thanks roomie.

  4. When Lent was over, I ate 17 pieces of fudge and two BAGS of ghirardelli chocolate squares in 4 days. Sigh. Chocolate is the food of the gods.

  5. Those Hershey's Bliss are devine... I am thinking I need to give up chocolate again... I wish I could enjoy with moderation, but It's a losing battle.

  6. They are evil...trust me, I know! I have been eating them and M&M snack size these past few days. (.) due any second!

  7. Chocolate contains natural chemicals which have mood-enhancing and pleasure-inducing (!!) effects on the brain, for eg. phenylethylamine and caffiene. Basically, chocolate is good for you, so we should eat it every day. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!

  8. I ate two 100 gram chocolate bars from IKEA yesterday (that's about 6 ounces). Today I got a fill so will see if the chocolate monster is satisfied. Save some for me. I too want the same Blissful life you seems to be having ;-)

  9. I have the answer to what makes our bodies need chocolate.

    We have vaginas. Mystery solved.

  10. It seems that a number of us have been on a chocolate jag. It took my fear of getting on the scale to get me to QUIT!!
    I am going cold turkey for a little while, trying to stay off the sweet stuff and just stick to better food choices.
    Cheers and hope you're doing well.

    PS: I've had those bliss things, I actually dislike them. I like the taste of Hershey's kisses much better.