13 June 2011

It's ONLY June and Already...

I am starting to get excited for BOOBS II.
Chicago here I come.

Honestly.. when I think about last year I just
                   SMILE :)

And somehow, someway..
I wind up telling complete strangers about you guys..

And that we will all be gathering once again in Chicago (again)

People look amazed and dazed.. and say
So you met these complete strangers on the Internet and then decided to meet them in Chicago

Wait, I say..
they are not complete strangers..
they are my BooBs, my virtual friends, my girls

Yes, the BooBs are my girls..

So this completely throws them off..
It always connotate thoughts about breasts.
Yes, yes, I get it.

But at least try to move on to the concept of friendship.

And so I sit here tonight thinking about when the excitement will start up.
What to wear, where to go
when are we arriving

Anticipating that weekend in September.

Love you gals!


  1. I cannot wait to hug you...I may never let go. I miss you so...my friend.

  2. You are my girl! I can't wait to give you a big hug (and then we'll go get a big drink).

  3. You are my girl too Barb! I cannot wait to reconnect with you and all the others.

    So many changes in the past year for all of us....I think these life changes have just made the bond we share that much stronger.

  4. My roomie ROCKS...how lucky am I...and this year, 3 WHOLE NIGHTS!

  5. I am just as excited!!! I can't wait to give you and your new boobs a big hug! First cocktail is on me :)

  6. I am excited to meet you all. I kinda think of you girls as celbrities... I might be nervous and giddy!

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  8. Grrrr. Blogger.....

    Brace yourself, Barb! You will be smothered (in hugs and kisses) and smashed (from all the drinks we'll be buying you) all weekend long.

    Can't wait!

  9. I too am totally getting excited. I should totally be already getting nervous - but I'm just not - all of you out there are just too damn wonderful! Yay!!

  10. I too am super excited! To see my friends from last time and to meet our new sisters too :)

  11. I love Barb, in Philly and in Chicago! You Rock!

  12. I also find myself telling everyone about my boobs! I am super excited! Can't wait to meet you!

  13. I will be there in spirit. Please raise a glass for me!

  14. OMG...I keep talking about my BOOBS and people look at me like i'm insane. I don't care. I love my BOOBS and I can't wait to connect with you all in Chicago. I am going to be a picture snapping fool.

  15. I guess I'll have to share you in Chicago. But all the other BOOBS deserve to have the same fun with you as I do!

  16. How fun! I'm absolutely thrilled that I'm going and I can't wait to meet you!!