27 July 2011


Alright, I am a self proclaimed nut!

And, I am getting excited about CHI Town.

(before so I will be heading out to Reno and San Diego (do you hear me JOEY... I WILL BE IN SD!!)

and then I have a Christmas getaway planned.. nice!

So, I have so much incentive to get the FLAB from DRAB to FAB.

Eating has been working well for me.. I truly only eat when I a) remember to or b) am in a restaurant and I need to be conscious of my food selection so I do not overdo, slim or likewise..so I keep my menu selections fairly limited.

I was at a client meeting yesterday and the food selection sucked 100%.
I think I made this comment on my blog, but I do tend to see food selection and healthiness at my company become more selective the higher up the organization chart you go.

In other words, bagels would never be on the menu for an executive meeting breakfast (at least not at my company), the CEO is a health nut and the menu for the day is what he likes and wants to eat.

I have all but limited red meat to once a month.  Honestly, not that I dont like it, there is just no incentive to cook it and we all know that beef fills you up pretty quick.

Now that the scale is tittering in the 150's, I am noticing the loose skin on my arms, and folks it is not pretty,
it does not go along with my face, boobs or otherwise.. (see picture).  I look like I am 100 years old in my upper arms.

I see my options as the following:
1. arm lift
2. Implants like Pop eye
3. amputation.

Its just a little freaky cause it doesn't go with the rest of me at this point.

I have bought a ton of potions to run on these suckers.
I read that drinking milk helps skin elasticity
I am hoping some weight training will smooth some of it out.

Its freakin frustrating, and I know its because of carrying that weight around for so many years. and now its as stretched out as a rubber band holding  a jack rabbits back legs together!!

I could summon myself to wearing long sleeve shirts for life, but honestly now that I finally do have a life, there are occasions when my arms are exposed.

I know, I know, be happy you have arms... yeah.. I know.
So.. that is my Wednesday woe..
F it.. they are my arms and if anyone doesn't like it then TOO BAD!!

See, attitude adjustment on the fly!!



  1. I feel certain that when people see your arms, it is not up close and at a non-flattering angle. Plus, with your new tatas, no one will be looking at your arms anyway!

  2. I'm with the " no one will be looking at your arms" ;-)

    I think with time and exercise... they will also settle in and look better. Have you ever seen an arm lift? I've seen a couple.......UGLY!! A little Frankenstein ish. Not really worth it!


  3. What?! You look amazing!!

    I hear you!!! I am going to mark it on my calendar. Where you are staying is spitting distance from me (well, not quite, but pretty damn close). I'm so excited!!!!

    At first I thought that pic was of a boob. See how the top right looks like a nipple? No? Is it just me?

    I really want an arm lift too. I'm scared, though.

    Kisses! Can't wait to see you soon!

  4. Ummmm yeah, what Tessie said. Girl with the new "girls" no one will pay the least bit of attention to your arms.

  5. I love reading your blog. I love that attitude adjustment like BAM!!

  6. You are so freaking hot, girl! No one is noticing your arms with the rest of your hotness.

    Can't wait to meet you in Chicago!!

  7. I'm the queen of bat wings...it's hideous.
    Unfortunately, from everything I've read, upper arm surgery yields very unsatisfactory results.
    Just stand next to me and your arms will look svelte.

  8. Don't go with the amputation option. xoxo

  9. You have arms? Sorry...I'm still imagining the perky new twins! I've decided that my batwings are going to be my flotation devices if I am ever stuck in the ocean...They may just save my life, so I'm keeping them! I'm so looking forward to seeing you in Chicago!!

  10. ok - is it bad that "amputation" made me laugh out loud??