25 July 2011

Simmer Down Now...

Finally.. I am starting to see some downward movement in Thelma and Louise.

And we are starting to get used to one another.
I can finally lay on my stomach without feeling like I have two canteloupes between me and the bed (this means they are softning up a bit.. with still more to go).

And I am happy to say I am truly on the verge of 159- 158... it waffles.. the weekend seems to make things spike.. hmmm I wonder if mojitos have anything to do with that..
Weekends now fly by... I am finding myself not  attached to my BB or feeling obligated to read that report from work and comment on it  ASAP.. as strange as it may sound for this Type A person, this is a very  nice change of pace.

I am so impressed by the Cozy Coconuts morning runs as well as Dinnerlands commitments to run that I am now considering hiring a personal trainer.   I used to have one (and a cutie) that whipped my ass into shape.
I mean like really really hard..and I had tight thighs, stomach and well you get the idea.

Despite having the home gym< I really need the strength training portion of the program, I think once I get inot a rhythm I can pick up the cardio part on my own..

I would really like to see the scale go down another 20 lbs.
I already have my eye on a Tummy T.. and am thinking about my arms..
So thats about the excitement in my life (well not all of it... but I will save that for another post (wink))



  1. A personal trainer sounds great...........and as far as excitement goes......I'm sure we are all waiting (wink), since you are the exciting one lately!!


  2. A personal trainer sure does make a difference! Glad that the girls are settling down. :)

  3. I miss you Barb, How about a girls' night? Anytime for that fun. Maybe watching Steel Magnolias and a big bowl of popcorn? *M*

  4. I would love to have a personal trainer that was almost like a drill sergeant. I think I need that kind of discipline in my life. Glad Thelma and Louise are softening up.

  5. I was amazed how much strength training transformed my body when I got serious with a trainer (in 2007, mind you). Great idea.

    Glad the girls are cooperating!

  6. Seriously - another 20? There won't be anything left of you...and that'd be bad cuz I love you!