07 July 2011

Look Like Hell.. Feel Great and World Falling Apart... Couldn't be Happier

Today was doc day!!
So in dramatic style I sported a beautiful paisley scarf that I wrapped around my bruised neck about 3 times.
I then donned a pair of wrap around (old fart looking) sunglasses
And then pulled out my smith and hawkin wide brimmed gardening hat.

Oh yes, in my mind I was thinking Jackie O, but the mirror was screaming back " you look like an old lady with a screw loose:.

WTF, I had to get to the doctors and on Time!

So off I went, I put lipstick on and took down the roof on my new car and blared Garth Brooks..

So once at the doctors they rush you in so no one in the waiting room can catch a good look at how god awful you really look, I mean scary rainbow colored bruised looking.. but you know what... I am so glad I made this decision.. honestly I have been sneak peeking at everything.  Neck is tight and firm (no sea gullet); eye brows nice and open.  eye lids (ok, had the sutures out so I am not going to say they look swell, BUT in a week or two there will be no puffiness, the scars are tucked into the fold of the eyelid when open.  The lower lids are swollen and bruise and I cant see much difference.

The Sculptua has rounded out my facial cheeks  and alas the boobs..
As plump and round, The scars around the nipple are kind of scrunched.. but the doc tells me these will flatten out as the breasts drop..

And Steph all systems are go with using the bruise and scar cream.. I am slathering UP baby!

Speaking of dropping.. I AM NOW COMMANDED TO GO BRA LESS FOR 6 WEEKS.. the only thing I am to wear is a band around the upper part of my chest. It will take two  weeks for them to drop, but 6 full months for full recovery.   So I will feel great when they (Thelma and Louise) look great.

Alright, on to other adventures.
Last week AC Unit #1, went on the blink.. repair man called out the day before surgery, fat check written.. on to living life.
Return home from hospital on Monday to find.. NO HOT WATER.. Hot water heater went on the blink.. great.. love walking around sweaty smelly with that hospital disinfectant lingering fragrances.

Hello its Tuesday, its hot as hell outside... Hey lets see if  AC Unit# 2 can make us a littler cooler cause its feeling warm inside.. Oh wait.. nothing is coming out what the #()$*#)(*)n   now this unit doesn't work.
Call repairman... whats that you say.. you cant come until Thursday.. and that's a maybe... well I will be sitting here sweating my stinky bruised sticky ass off.  So a rose by any other name is called a SKUNK!!

and there you have it.. maybe tomorrow I will get some courage to snap partial booby shot.. Did I tell you I really like them!! 


  1. I have a great idea now of what you looked like going to the docs! But what I love best is that you did so with the car top down.

    You have a great attitude my dear!

  2. You are so cute! Can't wait to see the results!

  3. So sassy in your convertible! Sorry about your A/C and water heater...that just sucks.

  4. My Polish girlfriend (I hope I dont offend everyone but she truly is Polish) just said to me today "my a/c is not working! Why is it they always go in the summer?" I waited a minute and said, "uh, maybe its because you only use it in the summer?"

    Anyway, I am glad you are feeling better! Are Thelma and Louise under or over chest muscle and are they Silicone or saline? I am starting to seriously consider a lift/augmentation along with my thighs when I am ready. My daughter is telling me that I should go silicone above the chest muscle. I don't know.

    Can't wait to see you In Chicago!

  5. Are we going to need extra cots in Chicago for Thelma and Louise?
    Love you.

  6. My mom's boobs took a while to drop too. It kind of freaked me out to see my mom going braless, to be honest. But I know you are well on your way to even more fabulousness. Glad the followup went well. Photo of the new wheels, please!

    Stay cool, girlfriend. xoxo

  7. You have a way with words! You are so loveable and cute...Appreciate our virtual friendship!

  8. Thanks so much for telling us all about this. My sad little sacks are going to need some help, I'm afraid, so I'm hanging on your every word!

  9. Try not to scrape the new car on the garage... and I can't wait to see you Boobs, Car and all.

  10. Terrific news, except AC and hot water!

  11. Maybe if you flash the boobs to the A/C repairman you'll get a discount! I'm glad to hear things are going well. I did the same Jackie O/Grace Kelly style scarf wrap with glasses, so i know exactly how you looked and felt. I blended right in with all the female Muslim students who go to the university I work for. :) Glad to know the creams are being used! let's get those brusies to fade!

  12. So excited for you! That sucks about the AC. Mine went out this week too so I feel your pain!

  13. You poor thing. Shitty things happen in groups! It sucks I know!!! Glad you are enjoying your changes! That's awesome!

    Well, I am definitely ready to see some boobage! haha