15 July 2011

Massaging my Puppies and Going Braless

No, this is not a post about pet massages.. but more or less a summary of my doc visit from yesterday.

Thursday made it 2 weeks out from surgery, and I have to say, I am seeing somewhat dramatic improvement each day.. in fact I am sure that by Sunday all signs of bruising will be completely gone.

So during my doc visit, I had a long list of questions, concerns, neurotic things I pointed about about where I was with healing.. the doc smiled and said .. its all normal.. good lord I didn't want to seem like some nut job but I do have more bruising on one breast than the other and there fore it makes one look larger .. but here is the creepy thing he said to me.. the deep bruising is the blood pooling (OK I get that part) and the only way for it to go away is to be reabsorbed by the body or ... get this.. leak out.. WTF!!
Leak out where!!!!.. leak out through the suture openings.. he said sometimes it happens and not to freak.. oh yeah.. I am not going to freak if I have bruised blood oozing out of one of my titties..   Hell yes I am..

The one point he kept emphasizing was the requirement to massage these big girls.. Scar tissue is forming and the one thing he wants me to do is to keep the boobies moving for a few weeks, so I need to massage every hour.  and as I have mentioned go bra less for a few months..

Yep, now envision this.. in the house, car, office I just grab Thelma and Louise with both hand and just freaking feel my self up ...Being a doctor, he was obligated to demonstrate EXACTLY how this had to be done... too bad the guy is married I would have brought him home with me and assigned him to the task...

So some scars are evidently most a fading quickly.. thanks to Steph's great creams.. I am taking every opportunity to massage scars as well.

So the other "doctor's orders" request was to go bra less, no more torture with the band over the boobies, now he wants gravity to take action.. Ok, to be honest at first I was freakin at this thought and look, but honestly, once I slip a blouse/shirt on me it;s amazing how great T and L look.. I mean I say to myself HOT DAMN GIRL, you got a nice rack going there.. and the up side is that is makes my waist and ass look like they go with the bod.. so here's a toast to BIG BOOBIES.. love them both!!

Have a great Friday.  PS Here are some shots of my new bathing suit.. you can see why I need the tummy tuck but I love the way the top stays up (SMILES)


  1. I am seriously thinking about this as my next step in my journey! You are doing great! We need to talk!

  2. There is nothing I love more then talking about boobies! I got my ladies in November and the first couple weeks I was like "what the hell is this??", they were hard, one wasn't dropping, it HURT!, they were heavy... But now they are perfect and I love them!! Congrats!

  3. Too funny as I imagined the hourly routine. Better lock the office door when you go back to work next week. But doctor's orders. Are you supposed to wake up hourly at night to do it too? Or just let sleeping titties lie. Maybe they make a machine for that, like one of those CPAP machines for breathing at night.

  4. Your new name is Big Tittie Barbie. LOL

    I love the doctors orders. You are going to be the hottest woman in PA. I Love it.

    I'm glad you are so happy with your results.

  5. I'll drink to THAT!

    You crack me up. Love ya!

  6. Since I have been missing in action I had to go back and read your other posts. Your new boobies look awesome!! Go girl!! I'm hoping mine look that good when I get them in August. Keep massaging cause I know from first hand experience you don't want scar tissue.

  7. Yes! I will be getting boobs if I ever reach my goal weight and I can't wait. I am glad things are moving along with you so well.

  8. And I forgot to mention....You are looking skinny!!!!!

  9. HOT HOT HOT DAMN indeed! You've gotten so tiny I hardly recognize you! They & you look TERRIFIC!

  10. You look AMAZING! Wow! I love the swim suit!

  11. I love the swimsuit... And I hope to get to drive up next to you at a red light and watch you slapping Thelma and Louise around... Be gentle, those girls have been through alot. Which is bruised more, Thelma or Louise? You look incredible!

  12. Who is that skinny minnie with the big rack!!!
    You look amazing...love to you and Thelma and Louise.

  13. LOOK AT YOU!! Beautiful. Enjoy every minute with T&L! xoxo

  14. OMG - this was so great!!

    "I am not going to freak if I have bruised blood oozing out of one of my titties.. Hell yes I am.." this is because you're smart

    "I just grab Thelma and Louise with both hand and just freaking feel my self up" the visual of this made me LOL!

    And you look freaking amazing!!!! The rack is hot too!!