28 August 2011

Irene and I are NOT friends

Goodnight and good riddenes IRENE!!!

My sump pump failed and Irene has managed to bring along 8 inches of rain and luck being what it is in my life..

My sump pump failed to kick in.

It totally sucks,

If only Home Depot was open 24 hours.. but no..

I have been up all night calling service people to come out to replace  the sump pump.
Looks like I am not the only one with that problem..

But.. It's too late
The water continues to flow out of the little well holding the sump pump ..
and it continues to rain, which means, its not over..

I have already filed a homeowner claim.. hmm, seems I am not the only one filing a claim, so they dont know when they can get back to me..

So now I wait for Irene to leave... um... let me put it more bluntly.. GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!


  1. Oh Barb! Sorry you are having issues with Irene! It feels like this storm has been around for weeks already. I've had enough of the Bitch too. I'm waiting to hear from my sis and mother to see how they are making out on Long Island. My daughter was evacuated yesterday although she didn't leave! Love ya and cant wait to see you next month.

  2. Jeeze Barbara. What a freaking pain in the ass. But you know what? Your boobs look great during a disaster! I hope you do not have any major damage!

  3. OH no!!!! I am so sorry to hear.... how are things now??
    I hope you are OK, xo

  4. This sucks - I'm so sorry!!! Hang in there!

  5. Ugh! That sucks, angel! *hugs*

  6. Uggggg. Do you need me to come with a bucket? Well, get a workout in getting that water out.

  7. Oh no! That does suck.

  8. Oh noooo...that SO sucks! I'm sorry.