18 August 2011

When you wish upon a star******

Ok ladies... is wish upon a star time..

Let's get it going.. cause I need a little optimism in my life right now!

If I wished upon a star.. here is what I would wish for:
  • Smiles that would be contagious
  • Prayers that would be answered
  • Hearts that could see things from my eyes
  • Wrinkles that could reverse
  • Flowers that bloomed outside in winter
  • Mexican food that didn't make me burp
  • Memories that never fade
  • That all children are safe, never know hunger and feel loved.
How about you... what would you wish upon a star for in your life?


  1. I do wish that my oldest daughter (36) could count her blessings and not be so worried about inconsequential things.

  2. That for just once in my life, everything would work out OK...without a lot of drama or tears...just once.

  3. I wish I was somewhere else...

  4. I would wish that my family was happy and not stressed.

    I would wish that child abuse was ended.

    I would wish that my kids always love me the way they do today.

    I would wish someone would pay off my damn student loans.

    I would wish to live a comfortable life, where we were not always worried about finances.

    Lastly, I would wish that all my BOOBS find what they are looking for in life.

  5. I like all your!
    I would wish that our hearts would never feel pain.
    Our kids could stay little just a little longer.
    I didn't have to worry so much about our life.
    and... Money wasn't always an issue

  6. I wish I lived next door to Barbara
    I wish everyone could get a high quality education
    I wish ice cream had zero calories

  7. oh! And "I wish Joey wasn't married" tee hee!

  8. Can I be selfish and wish that all micromanagers are immediately sent to hell along with every terrible boss I've ever had-- and that they get exactly what they deserve: being chained to a desk from 9am to 6pm every day and being told to rewrite endless nonsense for no good reason and then get criticized and have no recourse to the law????

    Ugh. But that does come to mind.

  9. Hang in there B. re: your comment to me... the fill will help you for sure, I know it will. Keep optimistic.