17 August 2011

Time for a Fill!!

Why do Peanut M&M's taste so goooooood!!!!
Ugh.. I want to blame them, but to be honest ... I think I had an overdose of "too much fun" in san diego.

The scale was not kind to me upon my return, so I have a fill scheduled for 26 Aug. 
I really thought I was doing fine with portion size, but I have noticed a bit more volume going in..

I came to this realization last evening when after juicing myself up (with vegetables and fruits with my new juicer) that I needed something solid to eat as well, so I had a chicken breast.. and then within 2 hours, WHAM.

I went back to my new found snack food, garlic hummus and wheat thin crackers.. besides chocolate this is my new weakness.

I am not sure that I am out of the green zone, but it sure feels as if I am moving in that direction and I really want to stop the trend.

I am a firm believer in the pressure of the band on the vagus nerve, and that this has a direct impact on my desire to eat more, even though I know I have eatten a sufficient portion (protein, calories, etc).

I also know that I am struggling to lose the next 10 pounds, and damn, I want to hit that number in 2011.

So here is to the last bag of M&M's,  may they rest as Reese pieces..

Be well


  1. Garlic hummus? That sounds fabulous! I've been meaning to email you, but you've been traveling, but I was wondering how all the healing was going. I have to go back to my PS in October for a review of my neck status (still smoothing out) but from the picture of you and Joey in San Diego, you look gorgeous!

  2. I think I may need a fill too. But it's inconsistant for me. Somedays I can eat more than others. Weird?

  3. Reese pieces. Hee! Peanut M&Ms are of the devil. They must be.

  4. Peanut M&Ms are my cryptonite.. so are Reese Pieces, so are Hershey Kisses.. ugh.. look what you've started!!!

  5. My weakness...? Wheat thins! I avoid them at all costs. Peanut M&Ms are a real fave too. Today I ate 2 regular sized bags of regular M&Ms at work due to extreme personal stress.

    If you get a fill, then great. If not, you will get your mojo back anyway! You look fantastic, and I am so glad you had fun in SD!

    Glad to see you back here too!

  6. I am just glad you are still posting. I love ya girl, and was afraid you were disappearing until Chicago! And, anything with peanuts are irresistible! not your fault!