16 August 2011

Joey and FUN!!

Yep.. those words just about sums up my time in San Diego.

I had an absolute BLAST!!! 

Honestly, Joey is the absolute funnest (yes I know that is not a word, but it applies here) person.
And she had guys googling at her ALL THE TIME, she is that gorgeous!!1

if you caught her post, she already shared part I of the adventures of Joey and Barbie.. I won't or can't
say too much about part II, but let's just say, it was even more fun than part I.

I have to say, many times I thought about just packing up and moving to SD... it is a wonderful town, great people and just plain F U N!!!!

I did gain 2 pounds (I hope that cheesecake had nothing to do with it).. but am trying to get back on track with my eating scheme.

I just bought the Jack LaLanne juicer and am giving this a try..  I seem to just do better with liquid meals (soups, protein drinks etc) and I would like to get down at least another 10 lbs before CHI!!  When I will see all of you lovely lovely loveyly ladies again...

Be well my friends.


  1. Glad you had fun! See you soon!

  2. 1) I'm so damn jealous of you getting to see Joey and of Joey getting to see you - I just cant't tell you! Two of my absolute favorite people no doubt having ridiculous fun together - I couldn't be happier for you both!!

    2) Thank you so much for you lovely comments on the BOOBs blog today - I swear it's the other way around though - any time I get a comment from you it makes my whole day!!

    Be well my friend!!

  3. I sooooo want a juicer. I loves me some juice! Once you get bored with it, you may send it my way. It could be like sisterhood of the travleing juicer!!!

  4. So glad you're back. I'm working on the same 10 pounds. Wish us both luck. And how many of these bloggers would even remember Jack LaLanne. I even remember my mom doing the exercises with his TV show.

  5. That goes double for me! SO MUCH FUN!! Part II is sworn to secrecy...it will only live in our memories. What was up with that cheesecake? I thought guys only bought us ladies drinks...but cheesecake?! It WAS yummy. I'm busting out the juicer tonight too. I looooove you!!

  6. I need to get Part II of you two...
    I'm so glad you had an awesome time. I love you two ladies.