02 August 2011

Remembering the Little things in LIFE..

I just read Draz's Post about Chipmunk Giggles.
It got me thinking..
How many times we discount the little things that are so precious in life.

Life events have totally changed my way of viewing life.

I can't freakin please everyone.  NOR do I want to.. but I definitely want to live in the moment.
I missed some good parts of life.. and I do not want to REPEAT that.

I have several regrets about spending time on the wrong things in life,  PEOPLE its all about the memories.

My one daughter tried to tell me this several times.. and she is so freakin smart.. SHE IS RIGHT!

So there you have it .. don't fret with the scale, or your job, or whether the debt ceiling bill gets passed or not... LIVE YOUR LIFE!!

This is yet another blessing that Mark has bestowed upon me.. a strange thing to write but it is the truth..

Listen to the giggles in life.. and embrace them...

They are sometimes far and few in between.. so ENJOY!!


  1. Ah chipmunk giggles...remember it is Mark who taught me something for my little chipmunk...I used to never make the choice to kiss them goodnight...and since the moment Mark passed - I do. It is the moments...they are the only things that matter.

  2. Chipmunk Giggles and Babs' Boobies! The little things and the not so little things... I miss you. This is a wonderful post! *M*

  3. I'm letting some giggles come back into my life. Love you.

  4. Our children are the most important things! :) It's crazy how much they teach us, isn't it?