12 September 2011

A Dose of Positive Energy is What I Need!!!!

I just read Sandy's post on emotional energy... and boy could I use a dose of that right now.

Why is everyone so crabby on Monday's??
I get that it is Monday, beginning of the week, but brother.. some people are just plain miserable.

And you know what.. I don't need to be around that!!

Toxic, stressful people are just not worth my energy... seriously..

I know I have written ad nauseum about living in the moment, but people.. you have got to believe me, that this life is too short to fret over crap.. really...

And to exert your energy with worry and negativity is truly not worth your hours and minutes here on earth..

I just love Steph's dose of positivity.. it boosts my morale when I need it.

I say when we get to CHI we toast POSITIVITY..because I think we all deserve a dose of that..

Be well


  1. I like to think I'm coming into my own on this very topic. As I've spent some time just being open to the world - ready to reach for and grasp whatever opportunities life brings my way. I'm finding the peace and the places to be me - the me that's been in hiding for too long. And with it, the world, or God, or the universe, or karma or whatever... are bringing me wonderful gifts!

    Thank you profoundly for this - just another reminder and we can absolutely all use that.

  2. I hope you have a happier Tuesday! :)

  3. here's to a happier day today!

  4. I admit the positivity train has been eluding me lately but I'm working on it. There are some people who are just "energy vampires" that suck the joy out of everything...I avoid those people like the plague. Happy Tuesday to you!

  5. It was funny but my manager told me today to be a vampire so I could suck all the knowledge out of one of our consultants (a really really good one). Not my idea of getting energy though. I will have so much happy energy to spread when I see you next!!!

  6. "And to exert your energy with worry and negativity is truly not worth your hours and minutes here on earth."

    You are so wise. I shall listen.

  7. I agree. Often, some perspective helps-- I think that is how the daytime talk shows were born (see housewife, your wife isn't nearly as bad as THIS persons!!)
    The bottom line is that life is for living and we waste it with misery a lot of the time when it doesn't have to be that way. At the same time, and as you know, there are many things that can genuinely make us so very sad-- and being sad isn't the same as being negative... so: it's quite a head trip, this thing we call life, if you really think about it. I agree: being crabby and toxic just BLOWS.