21 September 2011

Why I love my BOOBS!!

no no no.. not those Boobs.. although I do love them.

I am talking about YOU!!!

Guess who I had dinner with on Monday Night in Old Montreal?

Sandy Lee and her so cutie hubs (Tim).
What an absolutley lovely couple...

I just love the fact that I can be travelling anywhere for work and be able to meet up with you guys.

You are the best.. and the excitement once we meet...

So please if anyone is passing through Philly, make sure you reach out to me.. I would be thrilled to connect with you...

So how many days till CHI?

ALERT ALERT ALERT... if you thought Joey was hot last year.. be prepared... she is gonna knock it out of the ball park this year!!!


  1. I love my Boobs too... but not as much as I love my BOOBS! I am hoping folks will pass through Philly too, but NYC is not far either...

  2. I'm less than 2 hours away - don't be surprised of there's a road trip in my future!

  3. Agh! You are too much! I'll be seeing you live and direct in a week!!!!! YAY!!!
    We'll definitely work out a trip in the future! :)