30 January 2012

Is anybody else addicted to COSTCO!!!

They just opened a new Costco near me.
We had BJs and Sams .. and they are OK, but there is something about this COSTCO, that  keeps drawing me back to SHOP!

Ok, self admittedly, I do have a shopping problem, but I find myself gazing a some of the stupidest stuff.

And then worse yet, I BUY IT!!
How many freakin fuzzy blankets do I need!
I have 5 pairs of hunter boot liners.. really.. it hasn't even snowed here (that much).

I actually have been thinking about going there tonight..
I have become addicted to the peppery pistachio nuts; and their soups.  Go figure.

They do have some great buys though, I bought the Strivectin Neck cream.. two large containers at probably the price it would cost for one. (but then again I love my cosmetics)..

In fact the thought of COSTCO has me so excited.. I am going to log off my computer and go there NOW!!!


  1. OMG!!!! I love Costco but do not get sucked into their cakes. They are AMAZING. I dream about them almost weekly. Buttercream frosting with a creamcheese filling....**drool**...I have to go to costco now.

  2. I am a Costco addict - I just spent a fortune there yesterday.
    Do you like the Strivectin? I always look at it but never get it.

  3. DH does most of the shopping,happily... and he is a what's on the list ..kind of guy.

    I could get lost for most of the day there ;-)

  4. i haven't been to the new Costco yet... but now you've got me wanting to go. i miss you! *M*

  5. I think I am glad that Costco has not come to Brisbane yet :o)

    I think they have opened one in Melbourne, last I heard, but none for us yet!

  6. I love Costco-Over time the excited will fade a bit but it will still be dangerous to set your foot in the door. I never manage to leave it without thinking up some random 'necessary' pile of stuff to buy that I really don't need.

    The prescription drugs are sure cheaper though..


  7. Yes, I do love Costco. As empty nesters we don't need to buy tomatoe sauce, green beens, pineapple, juice boxes, trail mix, diced tomatoes, Bush beans, toilet paper, paper towels... by the friggin case, but we do. I have set up shelves in the garage and am sure my neighbors think I am ready for a big national disaster. I even had a neighbor mention my big weight loss as she pointedly looked at the shelves of food.
    The wine is a good buy there also, that shit I keep in the house ;)away from prying eyes..