31 January 2012

All that and a bag of chips

WARNING... WARNING... WARNING.. Vanity Post ahead..

Alright, do you ever feel so good about yourself you could jump back and kiss yourself.
I mean, when you get a feeling (and probably just figure out) that you are probably at the best you are ever going to be and that you might as well enjoy it.

Maybe its age that gets me in that mindset.. you know, past the self conscious 20's, the career track 30's, the don't bother me I am too busy raising a family 40's and now I am in my It's all about me 50's.

Yeah, that's where I am.
It's a good place to be .. honest.
I am not out to please or impress anyone.
I just do my thing, swagger.
Cause you just get that feeling that you are all that and a bag of chips to boot.

Getting to a good place mentally is so important for us to be happy.
I read so much about people who are never happy.. I mean never.
How can that be?
Believe me I know life can throw sh*t at you, believe me I DO GET THAT!!

But if you don't start to love yourself, and appreciate the YOU that you are, then you are missing out on one of the greatest rides in life.. HAPPINESS.. and it does start with self love.

Think about it .. people gravitate towards positive people.
Don't you dread interacting with toxic people, people who complain (ALL THE TIME).

When you are happy, there is a certain vibe that you send off to others.. people notice.
Now I don't want you to think I am some kind of manic nut, far from it, but I think I am finally, finally, finally figuring this all out..

So tonight, before you go to sleep.
Look in that mirror and give yourself a big SMOOCH!!!

I guarantee the person looking at you will kiss you back.

Be well


  1. OH you are on a new you high..I am so happy for you :) Long may it last!!! I am the up and down sort. I hope with Spring I see a new up :) I am GLAD you are up right now :)


  2. I absolutely adore the positivity coming from this post. Part of my goals for this year is to find contentment. Not necessarily be "happy" but content with who I am and where I am. Maybe that's the first step to this glorious place you've found?

  3. I'll raise a toast to that!!

  4. Yay! It's positivity week!
    Good for you!
    Your room at my new house is the sun room...right now it's unfurnished, But I'll fill it with glamorous decor for when you visit!

  5. i love reading your blog. for a while i wasnt able to access it, as it was set to private. if you set it that way again i would love to still be able to read it. my email is lori00724@aol.com now i must go back and catch up on all that i have missed. you have had an amazing journey. and deserve all the good that is coming to you. Lori