05 February 2012

A little bit of this ... and a little bit of that

I must be the only person in the US that is NOT at a super bowl party.
That's right.. its just me and my two yorkies (Sophie and Chloe).

We don't have any munchies, or beer for that fact.
What am I doing.. I am cleaning and reorganizing.

I totally have that keep it toss it bug again.

So my two big projects this week have been my new pantry and re arranging my fireplace mantel.

I probably donated 3 large boxes of food to the food kitchen.
It feels good to only have food that I need .. and to streamline

I got these two lanterns from QVC, they have flameless candles that are on a timer. They are pretty neat.

I am about to tackle a linen closet.. it's hard to let go of stuff you have had forever, but I am at that point in my life that I need to let go of stuff that I no longer use.. 

On a different note,  my bathroom scale has been in need of a new battery.. every time I got on it. the word LO would show up..I took that to mean that my weight was going in the right direction.

On a serious note, several weeks ago, I had this little eating incident eating mussels.
I had a serious stuck incident that left me unable to eat for several days.

It has since calmed down, but I can tell you if I have something other than thick soup, it comes right up.  I have been living on soup ... so when I went to change the battery on my scale.

VOILA.. I dropped 7 pounds.. nice
Not a nice way to lose weight, but I will take it. 

I just hope I can keep it off.. its been a while since I dropped that amount of weight.. in fact its probably been about a year.

So I just hope to stablize.. I started to buy spring clothes so I would like to keep it off

Well here I am in my Patriots Gear..and by the looks of things.. we need a little magic. be well


  1. You look great. And you aren't the only one not at a Superbowl Party.

  2. You do look incredible... Except for the Patriots' sweatshirt. I miss you.

  3. As always, lovely and full of grace. xo

  4. you are so beautiful! miss you and the girls (Thelma and Louise). I love me some closet organizing too.. I'm closet OCD :)

  5. Looking good. I will give the Pat's an A for effort! Poor things. (The wookwork on your mantle is gorgeous by the way!)

  6. You are so beautiful and I love the sweatshirt! You look comfy! Your pantry is to die for what I would give to have one!

    I miss you!

  7. What a coincidence! I cleaned closets yesterday and didn't watch the game. ha ha. You are looking good my friend :)

  8. Looking great :o) & that is a very clean pantry!

  9. Would you like to come organize my pantry? LOL I love your living room area. I like high ceilings and I'm glad you are having a nice bit of time to yourself! Take care of yourself, but if you stay too tight, go see your doctor, ok? I'll worry about you, but congrats on the 7 lb loss!

  10. You're looking amazing, glad you are doing well. Hope that you can get off the soup soon.