07 February 2012

I need a MLA...

My alarm goes off at 6 am every morning, but I am up way in advance.
I have developed this dreaded habit of waking up at 4:30 .. ugh.. I really really would like to sleep til 6am.

To be honest, I still have these little moments of anxiety..  I mean heart racing, losing my breath and getting dizzy moments.

I guess the problem is I think too much about the "what if's" in life.

I have also come to realize I have probably spent countless hours worrying about things I can not control. 

I guess worry has its place in life.. although it seems like a lot of wasted energy at times.

Letting worry go is one of my life lessons to conquer this year.

I have observed those that do not let things get to them. They seem to be fairly content individuals.
I admire them.

It makes me stop and wonder if I have some kind of OCD or something.
WHY DO I WORRY SO MUCH.. about my own personal life.

The odd thing, is when I am at work.. I hardly worry about anything.  I am always developing some kind of action plan or response team to evaluate situations or problems.  Always, calm, cool and composed.

Why can't I transfer this to my personal life?

Instead of having an MBA, I think I need a MLA (Masters of Life Administration).

It is truly something I want to improve upon in my life.
I know this will make me a better person and allow me to enjoy life.

Be well.


  1. The Fact that you're thinking about it, and analyzing it... it means you're going to get past it. Women think too much, It's one of the reasons why we struggle with insomnia so much more often than men, We can't stop thinking long enough to get to sleep... I have been trying to read at night, That way I clear my mind of my husband's desperate job search, our search for a used car, our debt, and my weight loss plateau... We all have alot on our plates... So it is good to get distracted and sleep better.

  2. The good thing.....is that you know what you want!

  3. Barbara, I've been working with a "life coach" guy just for this sort of thing. He has helped me make a plan, very much like for work and schedule small times in your day when you allow those kinds of thoughts, then exercises that help you put the thoughts in perspective. It's been most helpful. I'm happy to share his contacts with you if you like, he does telephone conference work. I got involved with him, because he's starting a program for bariatric patients and it's been such a blessing. Good luck! Big Hugs!

  4. I am just like you, I worry to the extreme and it all began in 1987 when my son Adam was diagnosed with Cancer at the tender age of 3 1/2. I will tell you that I do try to work at not worrying about the things that I cannot control, and I have to focus. I have found by staying busy that helps me push the worry aside at least for the moment. Exercise and a good night sleep also helps. There are still times when I wake up in the night sweaty and my heart racing as well.

    I hope you find some peace my dear, you so deserve it!


  5. Barbie, we just need personal assistants...who can cook.